WTH Happened This Year?

“Failure is a bend in the road, not the end of the road. Learn from failure and keep moving forward.” ~ Roy T. Bennett #inspiration #staystrong #keepgoing #determination

2020 has been a crazy year. I have been supported, discouraged, uplifted, and let down but what’s important is, I keep going! I started my website on 4/20/2020, not knowing exactly where it would take me. Well my love muffins, it’s taken me to new heights, heights I didn’t know I could achieve.

My initial goal within my writing was to highlight new music. As time went on, the good Lord Jesus sent me story after story proving, I need to remind folks that determination and strength are within each and every one of us, we just need to believe in ourselves!

Ron Anderson is a vocal coach to the stars. He didn’t wake up and become an outstanding opera singer who would later coach The Weeknd. He blew out his vocal cords and endured months of excruciating pain. He learned and executed proper vocal techniques leading him to become a vocal coach to the stars!

Larry Schultz is an actor who was in prison for several years. Upon release, he made drastic changes in his life. He is currently an actor and an artist. Sure his history has made life difficult yet, Larry never gave up.

Sammy Hollenberg is a determined singing chef from Canada. She has endured a huge bowl full of obstacles yet, at 70 years old, her dreams are coming true! She has her own show and is featured on Canadian billboards. This my friends, is the epitome of determination.

Producer Paul Chinook, suffered from the loss of his job resulting in severe depression, much like what is happening today. Did he sit around and sulk? Yes he did BUT, he received the help he needed and produced a movie about it! Life takes you through the toughest of times, it's how you rise from those falls that matter the most.

Matt Seefeld had an addiction that could've been catastrophic. He recognized his addiction, received treatment, and implemented an app to help others who struggle with addiction lead a sober and healthy life. He is currently making a difference in thousands of lives.

Let's talk about musicians. BriGuel, Laura Pieri, Kelandy Diaz, Josh Kain, Chardonnay, Pharaoh 101, and City Boys are just a few of the artists with an amazing journey proving their determination and success. The world of performing may be at a halt but artists are hard at work. They continue to make music because it’s what they love. Music is their passion. Making a difference in this crazy world is their passion. Empowering our children with the tools they need to succeed is their passion!

I hear snippets of; Why do you write? Do you think this will get you somewhere? You’re not even making a lot of money, why do it? To those negative Nancy’s… read one of my stories and spread some positivity. Make a change in not only yourself but others. Do what you love. I do this because I like it. I crave to show others that there is hope, love, and support. If I can inspire one person a day to follow their dreams and to make a difference in the world we live in...I’m a happy camper.

I will forever mess up on my interviews and say the dumbest of dumb on live radio broadcasts, you’re welcome! I will continue to place commas in the wrong places and capitalize unnecessarily. I will continue to make mistakes because I am human but most importantly, I will keep going! Please understand, YOU have made JanieGallegos.com a success. You are my inspiration! As 2020 comes to an end, recognize your strength and keep going! Until next time… Stay Golden Team.

Happy Holidays

A Huge Thank You all who have shared their journey with JanieGallegos.com!

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