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Writer and Aspiring Actor, Shay Meche!

Writer and aspiring actor Shay Meche, is making her way over the bayou, through the woods, and down the entertainment industry road! With two fully written scripts and a bowl full of determination, Shay is unstoppable! #actor #actress #love #film

Shay Meche is an energetic and determined mother of two toddlers that refuses to let anything or anyone stand in her way of accomplishing her dreams. "The Witches Curse,” is now in pre-production! Shay is more determined than ever to begin pre-production on her newest project entitled, "Love Boundaries”.

Born and raised in a small Louisiana community, Meche spent her days being inspired by a well known form of entertainment called television. "I had always had a thing for movies and tv shows and I had always known that this [acting] was something I wanted to do, but I was too shy, not confident enough, and not outgoing.” Shay continued; "I’m from a really small community in Louisiana where people like me don’t get opportunities like that [acting]”.

Shay’s writing was inspired by her vivid dreams. She had no clue where to start, how to write a script, or who to send it to once it was complete but, she knew what she wanted and dagnabit, it was gonna happen!

"I found production companies online and wrote them but never received a response. This was very discouraging but I just kept going. A friend of a friend knew someone by the name of Paul Chinook, that could help me with the process as well as to give me advice. He asked me to download a specific software, which I did. The software was expensive and I didn't have the money for it but, I knew that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I learned, I asked questions, and I asked for help when I needed it.”

“A big thank you to Paul who gave me guidance on who to talk to, how to write a script, who to send it to, and how to look at budgets. I never in my life thought that I would be right here, where I am today! All I need is a cast and a production company to pick this up.”

“The Witches Curse,” takes place in the 1870’s when an unpopular and seemingly unworthy girl is bullied by the popular kids at high school. She secretly hooks up with a friend and becomes pregnant. Being unpopular and hiding a pregnancy resulted in an ugly fight and the loss of her baby. In order to get revenge on those who caused the death of her unborn baby, she becomes a witch who casts spells of revenge on everyone who has wronged her.

Shay is uber excited to see her dreams become a reality. She is eagerly finishing the script for her third season of, “Love Boundaries”. Meche wont give away much about "Love Boundaries,” so make sure you follow her in order to stay up to date with Shay as she continues to make her dreams come true, one production at a time. Until Next time...Stay Golden Team!

Wise Words From Shay:

  1. "Don't listen to the haters; I ignore them. I have gotten farther than they have so I'm not gonna let them bring me down. They are not worth it.”

  2. "People like what they like, not everyone will like your stuff so just keep going.”

  3. "Don't give up, even if it seems impossible. You will hit those points of discouragement but just keep pushing through."

  4. "While writing love boundaries, I got stuck on the script. I took a break wanting to give up. When you get stuck, just work through it.”

  5. "You have to be so very specific with scripts, down to the number of pages. Thank you Paul Chinook for all of your help.”

Fun Facts With Shay:

  1. "I have two kids ages 2 and 4. I want to show my kids that you can do anything that you set your mind to no matter what others say. Set your mind to it, focus, and you got it.”

  2. "I have never taken a theatre class.”

  3. "I never went to college.”

Connect With Shay:

Photography By: Melanie Lyons

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