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Welcome To, "Dawn FM”!

The Weeknd officially released his fifth studio album entitled, Dawn FM on Jan. 7, after announcing it only four days prior. Dawn FM, comes almost two years after the release of his fourth studio album, After Hours.

The album features artists like Tyler, The Creator and Lil Wayne, as well as the actor and comedian Jim Carrey, and legendary producer Quincy Jones. Carrey took to Twitter after The Weeknd announced the album, saying; "I listened to Dawn FM with my good friend Abel @theweeknd last night. It was deep and elegant and it danced me around the room. I’m thrilled to play a part in his symphony”.

The album begins with the opening track "Dawn FM,” with Jim Carrey making his introduction as the DJ on 103.5 Dawn FM, effectively guiding the listener on this album journey saying; "You’ve been in the dark for way too long / It’s time to walk into the light / And accept your fate with open arms / Scared? Don’t worry / We’ll be there to hold your hands and guide you through this painless transition”.

"Gasoline,” opens the album and sets off the synth-pop theme with, The Weeknd singing about setting himself on fire in the eerie song; "It’s 5 AM, I’m nihilist / I know there’s nothing after this / Obsessing over aftermaths / Apocalypse and hopelessness”.

The track "Sacrifice,” highlights the difficulties he has with devotion and defiance in his relationships, saying; "When you cry and say you miss me / I lie and tell you that I’ll never leave”. The song emphasizes a recurring theme in the album, that self-destruction is something that is difficult to let go of when that’s all you know.

In a spoken interlude, Quincy Jones makes an appearance in "A Tale By Quincy," which explores how his childhood trauma affected his adult relationships. The song then transitions into the track "Out of Time,” detailing a very similar experience.

The second to last track on the album "Less Than Zero,” echoes the theme of an inability to escape self-destruction; "I can’t get it out of my head / No, I can’t shake this feeling that crawls in my bed / I try to hide it, but I know you know me / I try to fight it, But I’d rather be free / Yeah / I’ll always be less than zero / You tried your best with me, I know”.

The album closes out similarly to the way it opened, with another message for Jim Carrey; "You gotta unwind your mind, train your soul to align . And dance ‘til you find that divine boogaloo / In other words / You gotta be Heaven to see Heaven / May peace be with you”.

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