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"Ways Of The Soul" With Norvell Ji'Floyd

“For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be an actor. As a kid, I had done commercials but when I got a camcorder as a gift, my love for filmmaking really began.” #music #newmusicalert #waysofthesoul #actor

Growing up in Los Angeles and later moving to Las Vegas, Norvell is an offspring from a family of entertainment and professional sports parents. A gifted camcorder would be the start of a new and bright future for this multi-talented artist. He had never imagined that one day, he would be the one standing on the red carpet premiering his own creations!

His early years in school were somewhat awkward as being bullied and not always fitting in made life stressful. When he was enrolled into an arts school, Norvell felt as though he had found his niche. Arts school helped to propel Ji’Floyd into being a high-achiever in arts as well as in the music industry.

For as long as Norvell Ji’Floyd can recall, performing has been his passion. As a pre-teen, he was faced with challenges and disappointments yet, Norvell remained determined in order to fulfill his lifelong dream. Backing up a bit, let me tell you about entrepreneur Norvell Ji’Floyd, and how he became the Founder and CEO of NJC Productions, a full service film and arts company, as well as creating his new music group, Ways Of The Soul.

With his unique and creative imagination and the vision of writing, directing, and producing his own content, by the age of 14, Norvell had already self-produced three feature films. "I was probably about 14 years old when I received a camcorder as a gift. I shot my first movie and I don’t recommend anyone seeing it.” Norvell chuckled at his response as he continued; "I founded NJC Productions, and placed my movies online. Over the years, I have made several more independent films like, Conspiracy and Special Cops. I finally got my hands on a big budget camera and recorded Beyond Deceived, followed by my first big production, Artificial Human, which premiered at the Eclipse Theatre in Vegas. It was amazing to be featured in an interview on the Vegas Fox5 News, featured in Vegas magazines and newspapers, and meet local celebrities while they attended my red carpet celebrations”.

Norvell’s science-fiction feature film, Artificial Human, premiered in 2017 in Las Vegas (Eclipse Theater) and brought him notoriety and various featured interviews and articles. To further his desire to learn more, he attended the Arts Institute of Las Vegas, to further study film. He continues to grow his craft while mentoring others and continuing to learn from other industry leaders.

Ji’Floyds’ love for cinematography continued to grow as did his desire to make his own music, so he decided to switch it up a bit and pursue making music of his own. Norvell and his half brother Corvell, just so happen to share a mutual love for music and performing. This brotherly team paired up to create their new music group Ways of the Soul, which has a diverse style of tunes capturing pop culture and spoken word genres.

The first single Ways Of The Soul, released was Cruise. Cruise, was followed by ELEVEN more singles which are all a part of the groups, Faded Fantasy Album. Using a sequential method of releasing music and videos, Ways of the Soul expresses their music through thematic storylines, when followed in a sequence, creates a cinematic film. This was all snow balls and tennis courts until...COVID showed its ugly face and halted well, everything. Thankfully, Ways Of The Soul had pretty much completed all of their videos, recently releasing their last single on the album entitled, Maybe!

Norvell, Corvell, and Ways Of The Soul are far from done, there will be a new Faded Fantasy, storyline released soon. Be on the lookout for the release of the first single named, Go To Sleep on the new Faded Fantasy album Phase II, scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2021. As for now, Ways of the Soul music can be heard and followed on all major music-media outlets.

Norvell Ji’Floyd will keep you entertained throughout his musical journey of pop, neo-soul, R&B, soft rock, alternative, and jazz by entertaining you with new tunes consistently. Make sure you continue to follow him as he follows his musical dreams. Pay close attention to his videos and lyrics as he tells you a story, a story of the unimaginable. His creativity spills out into each video as his storyline thickens. Look outside of the box to ensure you catch every hidden message. By the age of 23, his independent films and skillful eye for the camera will no doubt continue to mold him as an upcoming icon throughout the film and music industry. This talented, multi-gifted, and self-taught writer, filmmaker, composer, and producer is one to watch bloom throughout the entertainment industry.

Until next time… Stay Golden Team!

Norvell Ji’Floyd Fun Facts

  1. “I plan to remake all 5 movies [with a major studio] that I have previously made. I want to produce them the way that I envisioned them.”

  2. “I'd like to reunite with my childhood playmates Paris, Prince, and Blanket - and the fun visits to Neverland. They were so much fun and kind to me (Famed Michael Jackson's Children).”

  3. Beyond Deceived is inspired by Rick and Morty.”

  4. “We thought of our group name, Ways Of The Soul, at Chili’s.”

  5. “My Mother has been a huge inspiration to my career; Without her, none of this would be possible. I have had many mentors from my grandfather, professors, to my former Stepdad, who taught me how to be a man. He taught me discipline and manuarisms. He would always tell me, dont do drugs, don't drink, don’t do anything like that, just focus on your career - do what you love, it was parent talk but, he was very adamant about it. I live a drug-free lifestyle, committed to the journey of a successful career.”

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