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"Way Back In The Woods,” by Tammy Hyler

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Film Producer, and Music Industry vet Tammy Hyler, has released an amazing and entrancing short series entitled, "Way Back In The Woods”! #movie #film

You can expect to enjoy a captivating short film about four young sisters who have been abandoned while living deep in the woods. They have no choice but to learn how to survive on the elements of nature while continuing the legacy of their families underground moonshine distillery. When a wounded and handsome hunter makes his way to the girl's home, the sisters must decide on killing this intruder or to become taken with him.

"Way Back In The Woods,” is created and produced by Tammy Hyler and co-written by Hyler and Dan Backman. The pilot features original music and songs written by Hyler, Shaye Smith (who collectively have celebrated hits recorded by George Strait, Kenny Chesney, Shania Twain, Faith Hill, Trace Adkins, Martina McBride, Collin Raye and more) and Alexis Ebert.

Hyler’s creativity has earned her a much deserved spot at the 5th Annual Franklin International Indie Film Festival, which was held in November 2021. Hyler went on, receiving accolades from New York Independent Cinema Awards and the LA Independent Film Awards.

Hyler added; "The concept for 'Way Back In The Woods’ was derived from a song that Shaye Smith, Alexis Ebert and I wrote. We shot the corresponding music video and the storyline for the series just seemed to write itself. I couldn’t get it down on paper fast enough. Though dealt a difficult card, the girls in the story become smart, able, bad ass survivors…even savvy business women. …and the dynamics of the sisters’ relationships, fighting one minute and fiercely defending one another the next, is true to life and something I know about (having a sister myself). The pilot has been dubbed 'Little Women’ in the woods, meets 'Succession,’ meets 'Outer Banks’ by industry insiders. I’m so very proud of the early welcome and praise, to be honored by the Franklin International Indie Film Festival, and to celebrate the achievement at the screening in our backyard where the film was made”.

Tammy’s journey began when she moved to LA at the young age of 18. Tammy was attending fashion school when she began a career at the LA Creative Artists Agency (CAA), as a receptionist. During her 13 year long career, Hyler was blessed to work under industry moguls who gave her the knowledge needed to succeed. In her down time, Tammy and band would Perform at various venues. Tammy found herself performing in front of stars such as Demi Moore, Sting, Sylvester Stallone, and previous boyfriend, Rob Lowe.

In 1993, Tammy moved to Nashville, Tennessee. It wasn’t long before she was recognized by artists such as Clay Walker and Journey for her amazing vocal talent! She continued to excel in her career and became a staff writer for, Sony ATV.

You can find Tammy’s songs in well-known television productions such as "Runaway Bride, Desperate Housewives, and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen”. In 2014, Tammy wrote and co-produced 9 tracks for her first motion picture film, "Like A Country Song,” starring Billy Ray Cyrus. Hyler continued to succeed and in 2016, she co-produced, "Lost In America," to help shine a light and to help with the rise of homeless teens. She continued to make one amazing production after another becoming the recipient of multiple awards from various notable music industry affiliations including ASCAP, NSAI , and DOVE!

Today, Tammy continues to build her career while working on a new series! Make sure you follow Tammy as she continues to bless us with stories surrounding music, real world issues, and inspiration! Until Next Time…Stay Golden Team!

Advice From Tammy Hyler!

  1. "Write and sing everyday; It’s like a muscle that you have to continue to train.”

  2. "Continue to put songs out. Do cover hits your way.”

  3. "Work hard for your career everyday. Make writing and music your job.”

Fun Facts With Tammy:

  1. "I'm like Monica from Friends. I have to do everything my way.”

  2. "My house has to be clean before I write. I am definitely a morning writer. I like to write when my mind is fresh.”

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