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Universe With Luke Mock

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Were you ever one of those kids that ran around annoyingly singing about whatever was in your head at the moment? #universe #lukemock

Luke Mock is an 18 year old Musician from Auburn, New York. Luke laughs as he recalls connecting with music at a very young age.

“I WAS that annoying kid who ran around singing random songs I made up. I was always singing. My family would get so tired of me singing all the time and tell me to shut up but I loved to sing.”

Luke was actually born in Salem, Massachusetts yet, grew up in Auburn, NY alongside his younger brother, Zach and his parents Jason and Jami. Luke and his little brother loved to play baseball. Although Luke still enjoys playing ball, Luke would eventually exchange his mitt for a guitar and microphone.

“In elementary school, I entered into talent shows. It’s not like we won anything but it was fun. As I got older, I would say around 12 years old, my voice started to change. I decided to learn how to play the guitar and started writing music. My mom would always tell me to make a commitment or make a change. If you're not happy, you have the power to change that.”

Luke’s mentor as well as guitar instructor, connected Luke with an organization named, Perform 4 Purpose. Perform 4 Purpose, provides youth an opportunity to raise money for charities, benefits, and much more, while learning about musicianship. Luke is now an alumni, member, and mentor for, Perform 4 Purpose raising well over $200,000! Perform 4 Purpose, performs at least 50 shows per year and has raised over $800,000!!! Luke continues to mentor (and teach guitar to) the students of, Perform 4 Purpose online during the pandemic.

At only 18 years old, Luke Mock has opened for national acts such as Joe Whiting, John Gorka, Paul Elia, Neyla Pekarek, Ryan Quinn, and Mark Doyle. Luke aspires to not only make a change in the music industry but, to make a change in the world through his music! Luke’s inspirations include performers such as Shawn Mendes, Billie Eilish, John Mayer, and Charlie Puth.

Luke’s debut single, Universe is a very deep song sang from the heart.

"Universe, was inspired by the thought of a relationship being interrupted by another person. The thought of someone being your absolute everything but losing it all because of forces that are hard to control, much like the universe."

You can feel Luke’s emotion as he pours his soul through each and every word sung. Luke is a very kind young man with a huge future in front of him.

The release of, Universe is scheduled for June 12th!!!! Make sure all of your appliances and devices are charged! You will find yourself listening to this jam more than a few times. Don't chu worry, Luke Mock has a few more tunes in his pocket that he can't wait to release! To make your life a little easier, all Luke Mock’s links are below, enjoy.

A message of gratitude from Luke Mock. “Thank you all for all of your support. You will be able to see my values, passion, and hard work through my music. Thank you for supporting me!”

Awesome Photos courtesy of and Mark Feocco

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