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"Stay Wild,” with Tylar Bryant!

From MMA Fighter to a Nashville Country Music Sensation, I give you beautiful humans, Tylar Bryant! Tylar released Stay Wild, last week and when I say goosebumps...I tell no lie. The soul and passion in his music will leave you wanting more!

"'Stay Wild,’ [written by Bobby McLamb and Blaine Younger, and produced by Bryan Cole] is more like a testament of my life. I had the courage to move to Nashville. I had the courage to live life. I have the courage to be free!”

Tylar grew up in the super small and cozy town of Gause, Texas. If you know about Gause, you know what's up! Gause doesn't even have a population sign these days but it’s one of the dopest places in Texas to have a good time. He grew up listening to G’s like Tupac and Pimp C but, cleaning day with grandma would introduce Tylar to some smooth dope tunes like Al Green, Luther Vandross, and Diana Ross!

Music wasn’t really a thing to Bryant until he scooped up the guitar in 7th grade, which he hasn't let go of since. Tylar explained the day his life changed; "I came to Nashville as a fan in 2013. We [dad] took a tour of the Ryman Auditorium, and a sensation came over me; I was covered with goosebumps. We saw Keith Urban rehearsing and a voice inside my head said: 'THIS is what you need to do’! I fell in love with the Country Music world and ...the feeling has just stuck with me.”

"In 2015, I started MMA. I trained for one year and after a lot of counseling [lol], I realized that I wanted to fight in order to cope with my grandma's death. She is the one who raised me. Songwriting helps me to talk about things without talking about them.” Tylar was obviously devastated by the death of his grandma and would soon find that music was a much easier and healthier way to express his emotions. In 2016, his musical journey began when a simple FaceBook post went viral. Tylar was about to land his first gig thanks to his performance of, Stay A Little Longer.

"I started writing my first song but gave up. I went over to my brother's house so he could help me write. We worked all night and came up with nothing! My friend came over with pizza the next morning and I sang them the little part of the song that I had written.” When Tylar sang his piece, his friends were shook! This song became Bryant’s first self written song, Wishing On You.

All of Tylar’s songs have been written in regards to a personal experience. If You Need An Angel, is one that he holds dearest to his heart. If You Need An Angel, was written on Christmas day in remembrance of Bryant’s brother who sadly committed suicide.

Through 2017 and 2018, Tylar continued to release 4 more self-written and very personal songs including, Don't Let Go. As Nashville was his ultimate goal, he made the decision to call Music City his home in 2019, and has been dominating the music scene ever since. He’s currently working on a 7 song EP with a release date TBA!

Tylar is proof that no matter where you're from, what you’ve been through, or what you're going through, you too can accomplish your dreams. Be on the lookout for more new releases by rising artist Tylar Bryant! Until Next Time...Stay Golden Team!

"When I heard this advice, I had been hearing it for so long and I thought it was the worst advice, but it’s the truth! Too many times, I layed in bed and wanted to give up. Never give up! Never give up on your dream!”

"I have learned while in Nashville that; If you want to be an artist, don't move to Nashville. Be an artist where you live. If you want to be a songwriter or collaborate, then Nashville is for you.”

Fun Facts with Tylar Bryant!

  1. "I was adopted.”

  2. "I love pop rock.”

  3. "I am a big sneaker collector. Not one of those collectors that doesn't wear them though.”

  4. "I am proud that I am making my hometown proud.”

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