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Took a Trip up the West Coast for, The Maine!

Something I have always wanted to do is follow a band on tour. Nothing sounds more fun than getting to experience music in all kinds of different venues across the country. #music #maine #love

I had never traveled for a concert before until The Maine, went on their most recent tour. Although I didn’t travel anywhere new for them, it was still such a fun experience!

For this tour, I had a chance to see them at two of their shows. The first show was at the House of Blues in Anaheim on April 22, and the second was at the Ace of Spades in Sacramento on April 24.

Before The Maine walked onto the stage, "Sweet Caroline,” by Neil Diamond, started to play over the speakers. The band members all walked out and they transitioned into their first song of the night, "Sticky.” For those unfamiliar with The Maine, they reference "Sweet Caroline,” in their song "Sticky,” which is why they have opened their shows with this song.

Every show from their last tour, they had a poll (on their Instagram Stories) where they would ask everyone to pick one of two songs to add to the setlist for that show. Some of the songs included were "rare” songs that either haven’t been played in a while or don’t get played often. The song that won for the Anaheim show was "So Criminal,” which is a huge fan favorite and definitely one of mine.

For the Sacramento show, the song that won was "Ice Cave,” arguably one of the best songs out of their whole discography.

Since the release of their album, XOXO: From Love & Anxiety In Real Time in July of 2021, a song I had been hoping to hear live was, "Face Towards The Sun.” It’s my favorite song from the album and they luckily had it on their setlist for this tour. The song is a heartbreaking, but hopeful song about the death of a loved one. It definitely made me emotional hearing it both nights.

In January, The Maine released a song featuring Charlotte Sands and Taking Back Sunday called, "Loved You A Little.” Charlotte Sands was an opener for the tour, so she was able to come out during, The Maine’s set to perform this song with them. This song is without a doubt one of the best songs that The Maine, has released and it is just as good live as the studio version, maybe even better.

To end their show, The Maine performed "Another Night on Mars,” which is such an incredible way to end the night. It’s one of those songs that the entire crowd sings along to; It was so beautiful to experience. It made me tear up both nights because it just made me feel so grateful to have live music back after such a long time of not having it.

When they were finished performing for the night, they handed out setlists, drumsticks and guitar picks as they usually do. I was lucky enough to have been given a setlist by one of the band members at the Sacramento show. It was one of the first times I had ever gotten something from the band before, which was so cool!!!

The Maine, will always be my favorite band to see live. I really believe they put on the best show out of all of the artists I have had the opportunity to see. They’re such a fun group of guys; It’s hard not to have a fun time at their shows. I could talk so much more about them and how much I love them, but I’d probably be here a while.

As always, I would absolutely recommend everyone to see, The Maine. They haven’t announced any new tours, but they are playing some shows this summer and in the fall. Definitely go check them out!

The band is from Tempe, Arizona and is composed of members John O’Callaghan on lead vocals and piano; Jared Monaco on lead guitar; Garret Nickelsen on bass; Kennedy Brock on rhythm guitar and backing vocals; and Patrick Kirch on drums and percussion.

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