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Tips for Artists Looking for a Side Gig

For most independent artists, getting a stable, reliable, and consistent source of income can be challenging. Music is generally an all-year-round money-maker but live performances and gigs often have peak and off-peak seasons, making income unpredictable, especially with the current COVID-19 pandemic.

You can be a full-time musician and still have low cash flow seasons, mainly due to reduced performance opportunities. However, it is possible to earn considerable income from music through some side gigs available for musicians. All you need is your creativity and entrepreneurial drive.

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YouTube is a great way to earn extra income and build brand awareness at the same time. For you to achieve this goal, the trick is to create content consistently. This means you'll have to upload a minimum of one video and a maximum of three videos every week.

To make money from your YouTube channel, you’ll need a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and at least 1000 views per video. Building this audience takes time, but with consistent content, this is very achievable.

The videos can be short and simple, ensuring the quality improves with every video. You can shoot the video on your phone or acquire an inexpensive camera. Take advantage of the numerous editing tools to make quality videos.

The type of content you can develop should vary to produce diverse, engaging videos. For instance, you can:

Do music covers

● Use new originals to create demos

● Make lyric and music videos

● Create a vlog to document your progress behind the scenes

● Create music-related educational videos and tutorials

The goal is to learn your audience preferences and offer them content that adds value. You can incorporate value through entertaining or educational content. Before generating the content, ask yourself, what does my audience consider entertaining and what are they interested in learning about?

Offer a Service

The first step is asking yourself, as an artist, what services would you like? Once you identify the service, consider how you can offer the service to upcoming or aspiring artists. For instance, you can:

● Have a workshop for songwriting that accommodates kids and young adults

● Become an instrument instructor such as piano or guitar

● Become a studio musician to tap into your creativity

● Have studio equipment at home and provide remote work sessions

● Offer to manage social media platforms for other artists

To find work within your locality, you can start by checking Craigslist and enroll on job sites such as Upwork. This way, you’ll be able to select jobs that relate to your passion and skills in music.

Besides music, there are additional services you can offer. Some examples include:

● Becoming a Lyft or Uber driver

● Signing up as a shopper with Shipt

● Renting yourself as a friend for a day or as a companion for parties through RentaFriend

● Running errands for older members of your community

● Offering gigs through Fiverr

Build a Business

As you grow and earn more income, you should consider remodeling your side gig to a small business. There are many moving parts to starting a business, and as ZenBusiness details, one of the most crucial ones is EIN registration, especially if you decide to form an LLC. Doing so allows you to separate personal and business assets and finances and makes it easier for your business to obtain financing and hire employees. Best of all, it can protect you against identity theft.

In short, just because you can’t get on stage to perform just yet doesn’t mean you have to keep your talents to yourself and not earn a living. You still have options, even in a pandemic, so get creative and find your next (side) gig!

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