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The Ultimate Female Rapper of 2021, Sheroc!

Skills, you want skills? Brace yourself! Sheroc has battled it out on MTV’s, ‘MC Battle’, produces dope bars on the fly, and is ready to unleash the beast! Prepare yourself to be amazed by the talent that you are about to hear! #hiphop #music #reggae #rapper #LVO

“As a little kid, my dad would write songs. He had notebooks and notebooks of songs. At about 10 years old, I started to write songs myself...with a dance routine! I would be at school rapping instead of doing my school work.” As Sheroc explained the beginning of her exciting future, her smile became contagious as she is extremely proud to represent her hometown of Lukesville, South Carolina! “Shout Out #LVO.”

She’s got an old soul with skills like a G confirming; “I love old school hip-hop”. Sheroc laid out the iconic humans responsible for her inspiration; “I have a completely different style than Lil’ Kim, but I appreciate how raw she is and how she expresses just how she feels. I love Notorious B.I.G., and Jay Z. Jay Z is lyrically where I want to be, he’s just amazing”.

Sheroc knew she had a special talent and was ready to show the world. By the age of 18, and a senior in highschool, she signed up to compete in MTV’s, MC Battle which took place at the Roxy Hotel, in NYC. There were 3000 MC’s which only included 2 females. This queen made it to the top 50. She didn’t win this battle but she did win a ton of self confidence.

Life went on and Sheroc continued to perfect her skill and record as much as possible. After placing in the MTV competition, she refused to let her talent go idle. She entered and WON a contest for Seagrams Gin, sponsored by Hot 103.9, in Columbia, South Carolina! Once again, there were 3000 participants, but this time, Sheroc took home the gold medal. She couldn’t believe that she won, especially against all of the talent she was facing explaining; “At that point it was like...lessss go! Seagrams Gin Corporation came to town and recorded me live and I was on the radio everyday. I had a buzz going”.

Her music career was taking off at full speed yet, as soon as the plane began to fly, it also began its descent. Sheroc was beyond discouraged. “My music wasn't taking off like I wanted it to and I felt very discouraged. I slacked off and went on a hiatus for a few years.” Sheroc continued; “My dad is a huge supporter and encouraged me to keep going telling me, ‘The game needs you, we need you to drop some music’”. It took a hot minute for her to gain her self confidence but, Sheroc claimed; “I'm back and I'm better than ever. I started back [again] 3 years ago and have put out 3 songs [with more in the works]. I'm on a roll, so I can't stop right now. All three of my songs are playing on all major platforms! I write all of my music from experiences. I believe in having real music, something someone can relate to or to help get them through their day. I take my trials and tribulations and put it into art. Jay.Keyz really helped me to get back into the game. We recorded ‘One More Try,’ and it peaked at top 12 on iTunes and r&b charts.”

Recently, Sheroc released “God Bless Em”, “Want More” ft. Mahkess, and “Love Story” ft. Riya Davis. If you are down for some gritty hip-hop, “God Bless Em” is your jam. “A lot of people loved this song. It’s saying like, if someone did you wrong, when you hated on me, or when you skated on me...God bless you, even though you did me wrong.” Sheroc continued to detail this song explaining; “The flow is crazy, this is my realm and my zone. I am debating on a location to film the video. I really want to make my uncle a part of this because he loves this song so much”.

Sheroc described “Want More,” featuring Mahkess. “I got the music from my music producer, Rawnie Lovely. I had never done a reggae song but I couldn’t let this beat get away from me. I knew I needed a super dope guy to sing this hook and I was just gonna rap it. I hit up my friend, Mahkess, and we recorded this beat together. I was so insecure about it because it's not something I usually do and it’s different for my followers. My whole family loved it. It's more of just a party song, ya know, getting all the ladies on the dance floor.”

“‘Love Story,’ was released on 2/14/2021 and is produced by Jules Washington. As soon as I heard the music, I could hear Riya Davis’ voice on it. I know when people hear this, they are going to expect an r&b song but I went soft on the hook and hard on the verse. This is a song about a love story and how your love story may not be the same as my love story. I have captured the support of r&b, neo-soul, and hip-hop in this song. I sent ‘Love Story,’ to the radio station that was playing ‘Want More’. They play it every day and it’s the only hip-hop/r&b song playing on an island reggae station.”

Sheroc isn’t done yet guys and gals; “I just recorded ‘Champagne for the Pain,’ on Monday”. The excitement was real as she continued; “This song is sooooo dope and I am so proud of this one. There are a lot of things that I have been going through. I lost a lot of family in the last month and a half and there is lots of pain, but I am trying to channel it differently. There is something different on this song so it's really special. Things are blowing up for me right now Mrs. Janie; We are in a good position. I am dropping an album soon called, ‘Lukesvilles Very Own’. I have to say that, I am getting some great feedback; It’s a great body of work. I work very hard and I'm very critical of myself. It started as an EP, but I have kept adding songs, so it's gonna be an LP now and I'm ready for it”.

Sheroc isn’t a quitter! She is ready to slay one beat after another, so make sure you stay up to date with Sheroc for more announcements and new releases courtesy of her own label, “Small City Big World ENT”. She will have a website ready for your browsing needs one day super soon as well as much anticipated videos for her dope jams. Until Next Time… Stay Golden Team!

Advice for artists:

  1. “Be yourself! Hip-hop is one of the most controversial genres of music. Some artists sound like other artists, but keep pushing and be yourself. I even have a jazz song on the Jay.Keyz project with Riya, but I never lost myself.”

  2. “If you know who you are as an artist, then you'll be fine.”

  3. “Keep pushing and don't give up. You are not for everybody but you are for somebody.”

Fun Facts:

  1. “My real name is Sheena Jennings. I got Sheroc from rapping way back in the day and my friend would always say ‘she rock’. That name just stuck...and I like it.”

  2. “I love to go to the beach and the bar. I like to watch others perform live music.”

  3. “My favorite food is Korean food. I had never eaten Korean until I came to Hawaii. Kimchi and bulgogi is my fav.”

  4. “I write songs in my head and memorize them. I never really write down lyrics.”

  5. “I was a tap and ballet dancer for 13 years.”

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Dope Photography by: Kymani

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