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“The Other Side,” with Emi Jeen!

"On October 30, 2020, my new EP, The Other Side was released. This is my story, this is what I want to say. The Other Side, is about letting go of control, emotions, and opening up. This is something I have learned to do throughout my process. I didn't know that it [music] could be so much therapy for me, to write it down and let it out for the world. I am hoping to help someone else to release their emotions through my song.” ~ Emi Jeen #music #love #fashion

Emi Jeen was born in a small town outside of Montreal, Canada. She grew up inspired by artists such as Christina Aguilera and Destiny's Child but, her inspiration into the music world really began with her mothers collection of hits from artists like Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. Emi explained; "They [Celine and Whitney] have such powerful voices. My brother listened to bands like Nirvana and Metallica. I love pop music but I also have this rock in me that I'm addicted to. Now, I’m listening to artists like Halsey, Bishop Briggs, and of course, Metallica”.

"I was always singing that's for sure but it all started with my mom. My mom was a nurse and singer who would perform at weddings and at bars. One weekend, she had invited me on stage to sing with her. I began singing with her at only 7 yrs old! Because of my mom, I love live shows and performing. So yeah... it started with illegally singing in bars [lol].”

Emi Jeen realized that her talent was rare. She took vocal lessons with a classical opera teacher which supplied her with a technique to help shape her sound. High-school and college singing competitions were of the norm for Emi, but she was done with living in a small town. She craved a bigger city and with her parent’s support, she made the move to Montreal. Her move to Montreal made this french queen realize how french she actually was. She continued her studies in communications in college (Cégeps du Québec) while recognizing the need to improve her english. Emi took a break from school and moved to Maui, Hawaii for 6 months in an effort to help with her english.

"I was a nanny for a family on Maui, and that changed everything for me. I learned alot about myself through this trip. One day, I was taking the kids to school and met Mike Kroeger [bass player for Nickelback]. We are both from Canada so we connected over that and of course, talked about music. Music just continued to follow me no matter what.”

After Hawaii and with new english skills in hand, Emi returned to Montreal to continue her studies in communication at the University of Concordia, in Montreal. She fulfilled her parents’ wishes and then went right back into music, her true passion. Emi stated; "My parents wanted a degree so I did that but, music is my passion”.

After graduating from college, Emi Jeen successfully auditioned and joined a girl band named, A.K.A. A.K.A, offered Emi the opportunity to tour some amazing places such as Morocco, Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, and of course, the US. She learned all about touring including, the ins and outs of the music industry. The band performed over 200 shows worldwide in only 5 years, giving Emi the experience she needed in stage presence. A.K.A was offered the opportunity to have a song on a game called, Just Dance. This was the highlight of A.K.A’s career yet, sometimes highlights can also be a downfall. A tired team and a broken deal proved to be too much resulting in a band break-up. Emi Jeen was devastated.

"I wanted to quit. I had left my boyfriend and I didnt know who I was without the band. I didn’t know who I was as a solo artist; I was depressed. I was so focused on music, my goals, and my career, and then I had nothing; Who am I? I went 2-3 months, without singing or writing. I found a job but I still missed performing. One night, a friend invited me to her show to sing a few songs with her. I met my manager [Shawn Cote] that night. I remember him saying; Are you kidding me, you need to do music, you need to sing, this is your purpose! I told him; ‘Music isn't easy. Idk if i can do this’, but he convinced me to try. He helped me to get my passion back. It took me a while to see who I was as a solo artist. I regained my strength while regaining myself as a solo artist. If the band hadn’t split up, I would have never gone that direction by myself. Now I can do it for me.”

"I went through different genres to find my style. I wrote tons of songs but only released a couple of them. I wrote an album and released two songs called, West of the Blue and State of Grace, then scratched the album. This wasn’t me, this was not my style. I still was unsure of myself and I almost quit again. This was only like a year ago but because of the pandemic, I realized that I needed to find my true sound and my true voice, I did that this year.”

On October 30, 2020, Emi was finally able to express herself in a way that she had always dreamt of by releasing her new EP entitled, The Other Side. Emi explained; "This is my story. This is what I want to say. This song is all about letting go of control, letting go of your emotions, and opening up. This is something that I have learned to do throughout my process. I didn't know that it [music] could be so much therapy for me, to write it down and let it out for the world to hear. Watching this song blow up is crazy. It's only been a few months and there's a great reaction”.

Holy Water, is another ahhmazing Emi Jeen classic! You can actually feel Emi Jeen let go of the restriction which consumed her. The passion within the video is deep and angry yet freeing. Watching all of the emotions, depression, anger, and control literally come out of her skin and melt away is a feeling beyond no other. Emi described how this song helped her to release all of these emotions. "These are emotions and phrases that I had kept inside of me and now, it was on the walls. The way that she [artistry director] put it on the video was amazing. The writing started on the walls eventually pouring out of my skin. I felt like I was letting go of everything and I could breathe. I feel that I had some darkness that needed to come out of my system. This EP really helped me to open up. I already see a switch in my life”.

During quarantine, Emi has been a busy beaver! She met artist director Aude Guivarc’h, who has helped to fine tune and create amazing music videos. Aude has done some amazing work with one of Emi’s inspirations, Halsey!!! Emi is also releasing two more Music Videos for No Way Out, (created by her manager and herself with only an IPhone) and Keep Me in the Dark.

Emi loves to learn about languages and cultures. This has inspired her to produce her songs in several languages explaining; "I love languages a lot, so I learned a little of every language during the tour with A.K.A. I can speak a little of 5-6 languages. When you speak the language of the country, you can see their eyes open up. I just love to absorb the culture”. Stay ready for Keep Me in the Dark, in Spanish and French!

Emi is not only making tunes these days, she has also begun an online diary where you can find the history and the meaning behind her music. Emi Jeen is also working on merch which she is super stoked about. Her NEW fashion collection has Emi Jeen clothing, phone cases, jewelry, and more!

Emi Jeen has just gotten started and is taking off at warp speed...during quarantine! Make sure you continue to follow her for new tunes, new recipes, and new apparel! Musicians… DO NOT GIVE UP!!! Obstacles will come, you can’t stop that. Just know that your dreams will not come to pass on a couch doing nothing. Stay strong my friends and remember to just keep going. Until Next Time...Stay Golden!

Advice for artists

  1. "Never stop. I wanted to quit many times, if I would have quit, I wouldn't be where I am today. It's hard but just keep going and try to find new ways.”

  2. "You never know when you will truly find yourself as an artist. It's an ongoing process. If I had stopped, I would have never known. Don't ever stop, at all, ever.”

  3. "You're an artist but you're something else as well. You have other things to bring to the table. It's also your personality and what you love. If you show that, people can see that and be attracted. Love and learn from that.”

  4. "Sometimes in life, you don't know why you're there and later you realize your purpose.”

  5. "You can do anything by yourself.”


  1. "When I go on tour, I want to talk/sing a bit in their language.”

  2. "For sure tours opening, I miss touring! I love the shows, rehearsals, the trips, traveling, hotels, everything. I am missing it alot right now.”

  3. "My biggest goal is to inspire as much as I can. I want to inspire others to overcome obstacles through what I do.”

  4. "Get to know more people.”

Fun Facts with Emi Jeen

  1. "I don't like the cold.”

  2. "I love to cook. I go on tours in my own city that I call food adventures.”

  3. "I love to travel and learn different cultures. I speak 5-6 languages.”

  4. "I didn't start learning to play instruments until recently. I am still learning the guitar. Piano is the main thing I do. I started learning the guitar in Hawaii but piano only 3 years ago. I'm always learning.”

  5. "I love sad songs but i feel that now, it's time to open up on something else."

  6. "I do my own covers and banners for social media. I like when things look nice.”

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Dope Photography by Emilie Hebert and Neil Mota

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