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I Will Stand Tall

In an ever changing world where my opinions are nonsense, my self worth is diminished and my love is destroyed.

I look for hope among those closest to me. I look for hope in the music whispering in my ear. I look for love, a love that is blind to the destruction surrounding me. I look for peace, peace that I will one day be available to dwell in. My mind is unlike yours, my mind is free, yet caged. I am not the me that I was created to be. I am trapped within the skin of which I long to peel off. I crave the normalcy of society to be as one. A society where I can be who I want to be. My music is that of uniqueness, my voice you will never hear. My skin is a color so pure yet riddled with marks of sorrow. My eyes, the color of the ocean yet hidden from the cruel evil in my shadows. I dream of revelations, so near yet so far. I will not be manipulated to follow suit in the silhouette of humankind.I will march with crowds as they gather to connect as one. I will stand strong in the face evil, disrupting the screaming noise protruding from the holes in their heads. I will hold my head high looking beyond your grim smudge at the beauty that the earth bestows.I will no longer be restricted by the chains of the beliefs the ignorant have chosen. I will pray that your mind will expand to accept the world in which you have been absent from.I know that I am who I need to be. I need to be me... for me!

#turmoil #difficulty #innerpeace #iamme #chosen #staystrong

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