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Songwriter and Music Producer, Andrew Brien!

"First and foremost, I don't care what an artist looks like. When I get out my headphones and listen to an artist, I look to hear the richness of their vocal tone and the emotion of the story behind their music; That's what makes a next level artist stand out. I love to listen and feel what an artist is going through, that goes for happy and sad songs. I need to feel throughout my body what you're singing about.” #producer #music #uk

Born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, Andy was naturally drawn to music from a very early age. By the age of 7-8, he began playing the french horn in school orchestras and bands. He gave the violin and piano a chance as well and realized, it just wasn’t for him. By the age of 16, he was teaching himself how to play the guitar which allowed him to play along to his favorite bands and songs. Andy also began to write his own lyrics and joined a band. "I had fun making music.” Andrew continued; "From then, it was just a growing hobby, until I decided to finally record some music and let people hear it”.

"By the age of 18, I remember falling in love again with the guitar [acoustic this time], and suddenly I began to create my own songs. I had never had a moment when I just sat down and thought, I want to be a songwriter. I just started humming melodies and other lyrics would come out. A lot of it was teenage heartbreak; It was my way of channeling those emotions. It just evolved since then, to the point that I would hear crazy songs in my head with loads of different instrumentals present. I can play a range of instruments but not at a very competent level. I didn't have the ability to really create all the different melodies and sounds that I could imagine, until I found music production. This opened a whole new world to me where I could program orchestral sounds from a keyboard and was not limited to single takes. I could tweek things and shape the sound. It almost became an obsession for me.”

Andy loves to learn new skills and to study interesting things, so it was easy for him to soak up as much knowledge as he possibly could in order to pursue his new passion of music production. He purchased all of the necessities he needed including software, gear, and plug-ins. He watched youtube videos and took online courses in order to perfect his skills. Andy built the knowledge to make music but he needed artists to bring his songs to life.

"I looked for local artists, initially through connecting on social media, and tried to build initial connections to the right people for my songs. I was really new to the music scene so I knew that I had to start small and build up my credibility with a portfolio to show the range of musical influences that I can write. The longer term goal was never to release music as the "titled artist," but to be the songwriter and producer behind the artist while supporting their journey and career.”

Andy’s amazing lyrics and melodies were gaining popularity by the second. Andy explained; "The songs I write are both specific to my life experiences, relationships, and interpretations of stories that I have heard from other people close to me. I’m inspired by experiences and emotion. Some artists write indirect lyrics; I am very direct with my lyrics. I don’t dress my lyrics with creative sentences. My lyrics are very black and white. Sometimes I look back at a song and wonder, where did that come from? I can't describe it, I just feel it”.

Andrew admits that there isn’t one particular production that has helped in his evolution. His journey has been a steady evolution with consistent improvement. "For me, there is so much growth that I have been through. It’s time and effort but you still need to put out music, progression is good”. Andy's wow moment came when his second production of "Deeper,” was a hit and signed to a label in Italy.

To date, Andy has released a ton of music from a range of genres like ElectroPop, Acoustic Ballads, EDM, and Scottish Traditional! When an artist really makes his work soar, Andy’s heart couldn’t be more full. "Come Home Again,” was released on January 15, 2021 by Tik Tok sensation Natidreddd, which he created while on a walk with his family on the coast of Scotland. The response received has blown Andy’s mind while accruing over 25K streams in under 2 weeks with listeners from all over the world!

Andrew Brien has also released "Without You” ft Bethan Horton, and "Near Me,” with US based artist, Wendy Lucas. This song was placed on TWO Spotify Editorial Playlists and has had a range of great feedback on the moody yet bouncy ElectroPop anthem with Wendy's airy emotive vocals.

"I can be a bit more picky now when it comes to who I work with. I have proved myself a little bit so I can afford to be a bit more picky. I just want to work on music that gets me out of the bed in the morning and means something to me.”

During an interview promoting Andy’s new track entitled "Make It Back Somehow,” Andy met Thom Burt. Sharing a mutual musical passion for music, the team paired up to create a lovely place where songwriters, artists, and producers share their experiences and passion within songwriting, paying particular attention to it’s benefits on mental health. The Songwriters Lounge Podcast, has produced 15 episodes and includes music features from artists from almost every continent, along with an engaged listening community that is encouraged to call in and answer questions and topics. Andy and Thom have some very exciting interviews scheduled with GRAMMY award winning songwriters and producers, so make sure you stay tuned for season 2 of, The Songwriters Lounge Podcast.

I tried guys, I tried but, Andy’s next release is under wraps. He has a few projects that aren’t quite finished but promises the release of a few new songs in the next coming months, I can’t wait! If you are a new artist who shares the same thoughts, passion, and can relate to Andy, he is waiting on your call!

"I am always looking for new artists. If you are an artist that shares the same thoughts, passion, and can relate, get in touch with me! We usually have an initial zoom writing session and see if we are a creative fit. If we are not, then it's nothing lost as I love to stay friends with folks I come across through music.”

If you are not following Andy, no need to fear, Janie is here! I have provided everything you need to watch, listen, and connect with Andy Brien as well as, The Songwriters Lounge Podcast. Until Next Time...Stay Golden Team!

Fun Facts With Andy:

  1. "My fiance is a singer and helps me a lot to track my Demo's when it's a female vocal part. I love talking about music, I think my fiance is tired of it [lol].”

  2. "I love to learn and study and I love learning new things.”

  3. "I was a lead singer in my band. I'm not a bad singer but I'm not the artist. I'm not sad about it, I just sing for my own enjoyment.”

  4. "Before I was confident in myself, I didn't put out anything. I made sure it leveled up to what the professionals were doing before I released anything.”

  5. "On my website is just a fraction of what I have done. Artists take a bit longer, they are on their own schedule so sometimes it may take months to evolve and some may just pour out of me and be done in a week.”

  6. "I’m a huge fan of musical theatre. I especially love the work of Andrew Lloyd Webber, Boublil and Schoenberg, & Pasek and Paul. I have tons of musicals on dvd and I watch them almost every weekend.”

  7. "I have had incredible support from parents from an early age. I have been very blessed. They put me in musical theatre classes, were at every performance, and let me join a band at 16. They gave me freedom to express myself and to be creative.”

  8. "I work with about 5 artists at a time. I try to keep it relatively small scale. I still have a full time job so I try and do music as much as possible whilst still [attempting!] to keep a balanced lifestyle.”

  9. "I would love to work with Lewis Capaldi. He is Scottish so I’m a bit biased, but he is an incredible artist. When he sings, you can feel the pain and emotion in his vocals. Ed Sheeran is another artist that inspires me. Just to watch him on a loop pedal is magic. I connect with Jason Lancaster melodically and emotionally. I have always found something in his songs that resonate with me.”

  10. "I never wanted to be an artist or make it on stage. It's very competitive and it feels good to let go of that a little.”

Andrew Brien Advise:

  1. "When you put yourself out there, make sure you have the fundamental basics first before you put yourself out there. It's very competitive, put out something that can compete at a quality where you can compete with the others. Do your research.”

  2. "Learn from people. Reach out to others a few years ahead of you for advice. Ask them to tell you 5 things that they wish they would have told themselves.”

  3. "Try to expose yourself to a network of people that are successful and are getting recognized by the work they are doing.”

  4. "Be patient and goal focused, success doesn't always happen overnight for the majority.”

  5. "You have to part with money to start, invest in your studio, software, gear, and plugins. Any small royalties are offset by the deficit from starting. I couldn't pay people; It was more just a feature, so I deliberately targeted people who were just like me, aspiring hobbyists. I made it clear that if the song blows up of course, there is no way that I would keep royalties solely to myself. You have to think of those who help you on your journey.”

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