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Singer & Songwriter, Tim McGeary!

Singer/Songwriter, Tim McGeary has released his new song entitled, "Amazing”. "Amazing,” tells a story that will instantly capture your heart while you relate to the emotion of the words.

"Think of your past lover. At one time, they were your everything and your relationship was amazing. When it was good, it was amazing yet, at some point there was a turn and it was time to go. This is the story of, 'Amazing.’”

Tim McGeary is the oldest of 10 kids born in Washington, DC and raised in New Jersey. When Tim was only three, his younger brother passed away. The family moved out of their family home and never spoke of his brother's death again. This left Tim full of anger and grief without any way to let it out. Having boxed these feelings would affect Tim in a way that he would have never expected.

The best way for McGeary to express himself was through music. He began writing songs by the age of 5. His talent continued to grow over the years eventually landing him a part of the church choir. Although his talent was undeniable, Tim’s behavior in school began to reflect his suppressed emotion.

With an extreme desire to continue his musical journey, Tim became part of the band, "Rescue,” which allowed him to meet icons such as David Bowie! The band toured from 1979-1981 expanding their iconic openings to artists such as Duran Duran, Billy Idol, and many more. Although his parents would have preferred a more "traditional” job for him, he was bound and determined to make his journey through the music industry one way or another. It wasn’t long until his parents took notice that Tim’s musical journey was indeed a "real job”!

From 2003-2014 Tim continued to play with a variety of bands as well as solo. He was gaining notoriety from all ends but, a life on the road with sealed emotions resulted in years of hard drug abuse. McGeary took a break from music while working a variety of jobs. This gave Tim the opportunity to attend school to become an EMT. He continued to make regular trips to Nashville in order to continue his dream of music. In 2006, Tim’s son was to graduate. It was just two weeks before graduation when Tim received the news that his son had passed in an automobile accident.

Tim was falling head first down a slide that he had no control over. It took two trips to rehab for Tim to acknowledge the roots of his anger and depression. He has now been clean for over 35 years!!! You can feel Tim’s heartache and triumph in each one of his powerful songs. Although his journey has been a rough one, he has not and will not stop inspiring others to pursue their dreams explaining; "Music brings everyone together. I sing from my heart with conviction. There is nothing like music. These days, I do more house concerts. I like them because you make friends, they get you”.

Tim has been a songwriter in Nashville for over 11 years now. His music has graced some dope tv shows, movies, and homes! He plans to release a new song every 6-8 weeks just for you!!! You can catch his latest singles, "You Can Fight It”, "Stardust,” "Not Born To Be Broken,” and "Love Like That” available now on all platforms! Catch up with Tim and while you’re at it, make sure to... Stay Golden Team!

Fun Facts with Tim!

  1. "My dad would always say, 'music is a nice hobby,’ until opened for Duran Duran, then he was like, 'wow, this is a real job,’”!

  2. I said, you know, you kind of look like Anthony Bourdain. Tim’s response was epic; "I actually wrote a song about him, his death really rocked my world. It’s called, 'I Don’t Know You’. Depression snuck up on him and no one even knew!”

  3. "I like taking tests”

  4. "My inspiration came from The Beatles.”

McGeary Advice:

"Everytime you play, bring it, everytime! You never know who you are playing for. One guy in the audience I played for worked for Luke Bryan.”

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