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Shannon K Fights Back with Positivity!

Updated: May 6, 2020

Shannon K has come all the way from India carrying the voice of an angel.

Shannon K is the daughter of Saloni and Bollywood music legend, Kumar Sanu. Shannon has always looked up to her father and longs to be just a fraction of what he is today. The deep love and gratitude toward Shannon’s mom and dad are apparent as she recalls her journey.

“My dad, If I can be just a fourth of what he is, I'd be happy. My mom is behind the scenes everywhere. She is incredibly hardworking and the most determined person I have ever seen. Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today”.

Shannon joined her father performing on stage in front of thousands at an early age of just 4 years old! Shannon remembers the feeling of entertaining alongside her father.

“I want to do this, but at that time, it was just a dream, ya know”.

Although Shannon was born in India, she was raised in London moving there when she was quite young. Shannon was bullied a lot for her dark skin, lip color, lisp, and accent. The harsh ridicule Shannon endured from her peers made her the beautiful soul we love today. Shannon now fires back at bullies with positivity!

“I just want to spread positivity and happiness, that’s really all I want to do. I love people and animals, so I give back as much as I can, staying involved in charities such as The Little Princess Trust and Love Is Louder. I support animal equality charities too”

While living in London, Shannon attended London’s Royal School of Music. Shannon’s dream was more real now than ever. Shannon wanted to be a singer! Shannon and her family moved to L.A where Shannon graduated from high school and began to pursue her life long dream.

“I wanted to live that kind of life, live the dream. I wanted to work hard but have it all be worth something.”

L.A life wasn’t easy peasy, Shannon had to get busy pursuing her dream, by herself!

“I fell for a lot of false hopes. People taking advantage of me being so young. I emailed artists myself, so it was hard. I came across the email address for Poo Bear and emailed him. Just so happens, that day he was checking his own email instead of his manager. He listened to me and he liked me! I was in the studio the next day. This opened so many doors for me. The opportunities just kept coming”

Shannon’s first huge song was written and produced by Poo Bear who is Justin Bieber’s songwriter. Her song, “ A Long Time” was released in 2018.

Shannon continues to work on new music during the stay at home order.

Shannon's next single “Knock Knock” will be out soon! It is currently in post-production and is about “Being confident about a relationship and not giving up on it” Shannon shared.

“I’m really showing my roots in this song and we actually shot some of the video in India!”

Shannon will never forget the struggle it took for her to get where she is today. Shannon says, “Everybody assumes that just because my father is who he is, I have it easy. I don’t think the world works like that, but I’m glad that now I have a platform to tell people my story.”

Shannon’s positivity is contagious as she has a message for new artists.

“Keep going. You have the skill and you have the talent. We all have a specific image, look or talk that we think we have to live up to. Just be you! I felt like I was being fake too. Then when I realized who I really am, it didn’t matter anymore. Just keep going. Someone will listen, understand and want to watch you grow. Be yourself, keep showing who you are, and people WILL recognize you!” ~ Shannon K

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