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"Satellites" With Nicky Bondz

Updated: May 31, 2020

“It’s easy to become addicted, it’s very scary and it happens very, very fast.”

Nicky Bondz, also known as Nick Garofalo, was born and raised in Long Island, New York as the oldest child of 3. Nick's astrology sign fits him perfectly, being that a Sagittarius is known for vision, creativity, positivity, and self expression. Nick's journey has been a rough one yet, Nick’s experiences have molded him into someone who longs to help others defeat mental health issues, addiction, and recovery.

“My parents divorced when I was 7 years old. I didn’t realize back then how much the divorce had affected me. Unknowingly, music was like an outlet, an escape to cope with things going on in my life. I remember listening to Limp Bizkit and Eminem growing up. They went through real life struggles, their music told stories and I felt a connection.”

Nick’s interest in music was elevated while in high school. Nick was always marked present for his scheduled music and production class. At this time, Nick was unaware of his dope musical talent, he was just having fun while learning new things. Nick had always sang along to his favorite jam yet his voice would remain a concealed talent for a few more years.

“My high school had the sickest music studio. They had more equipment than I had ever seen. We were taught how to edit, produce and use all equipment. This is when I realized, I really like this stuff, it's really cool.”

Nick continued to play all the contact sports he could possibly play while growing up. Music was an interest but not a lifelong career. Sports were Nick’s first love. Staying active kept Nick’s mind and body busy. Nick admits to playing rough (as 16 years olds do) causing tons of sports injuries. Little did Nick know, in only two years, his injuries would ultimately be the result of addiction, depression, mental health issues, and anxiety.

“I thought sports were going to be my life but more and more injuries just kept popping up.”

As we all know, opiates were huge in the 90’s and not regulated as much as they are today. Unfortunately, Nick was drawn into the world of opiates and pain killer addiction by the young age of 18.

“I had messed up my hip, had bulging disks in my back, and had a separated shoulder. My doctors were trigger happy, they prescribed opiates and narcotics to help with my pain. It’s easy to become addicted, it’s very scary and it happens very, very fast.”

Unable to fulfill Nick’s personnel need for sports, his focus would soon be redirected to his undiscovered passion, music.

“When I was 18 years old, I was jammin' in my car to music. I was singing along to a song and realized I was actually matching the keys. Wow, I can sing!”

Nick was unable to play sports but that wasn’t the end of Nicky Bondz! Nick attended vocal coaching classes helping him to reach new heights. Nick began to DJ in clubs and perform gigs. Opportunities began to present themselves and Nick had discovered how deeply connected he was to music.

Nick was in an imprisoned world of addiction. He knew he had an issue. Nick's father passed when Nicky was only 23 years old. This would be a part of the wake up call Nicky so greatly needed.

“I remember standing over my father's grave. If I didn’t get my life together, I knew I would be laying in the ground beside him. Drugs weren’t fun anymore, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

“Ages 18-24 were really a life struggle for me. I knew I had to get away to get clean. At the age of 26, I moved to Georgia to go to school. I was able to get my Masters and am currently attending my third year of school for my PHD.”

Nicky Bondz admits that recovery was a rough road. His strength and determination will prove he is not only a fighter but a SURVIVOR.

Nick attended all recovery classes needed to overcome this life taking addiction. Nicky Bondz has been a recovering addict for several years! His focus remains on making inspirational, feel good tunes. How did Nick Garofalo become Nicky Bondz? Nicky has gained success by working hard and having a #vizion.

“I started posting videos and songs. When I saw that people really liked my music, I wanted to do more. I was getting notoriety, publicity, and I networked a lot! I made connections with the right people which allowed my music to be played on platforms like spotify. I eventually hired a team to help network and build my social media. You have to have a team, a good team to make your goals happen.”

Nick’s goals pay off, quicker than ever imagined. In one year, Nicky Bondz has released several songs ranking him well over 240K followers. Nick is at 1 MILLION streams for his new jam, Satellites! Hold on to your kicks cause Nicky has another 27 songs he is ready to unleash.

“It’s a relief to finally be known and recognized. All my hardwork and dedication is paying off.”

Satellites is Nicky Bondz newest creation. Satellites, is a metaphorical song focusing on the difference between drugs and love.

“Humans can make you feel just as good as a drug does. When you find that one awesome person, you will get the same high that a drug will give you.”

Nick is very aware of his past and how he overcame obstacles set before him. Nick is an extremely active supporter of, No Longer Bound. No Longer Bound, focuses on sobriety, mental health, and recovery.

“It takes one year for your brain to reboot from the chemical imbalance caused by abuse. I want to provide positive reinforcement as well as give back to the community.”

Nick is passionate about all he does and extremely serious!

“I have a book of 51 pages known as our game plan! We (Bondz team) are achieving each and every goal, we are doing it!”

Nick’s ultimate goal is to open private long term sober living facilities exclusively for Artists.

“I want them everywhere and accessible for all artists needing help. My plan is to open facilities beginning on the SE Coast and eventually the West coast.”

Nick's passion is unparalleled as he longs to be a helping hand to artists in need of sobriety, recovery, and mental health.

Nick would love to continue his career with artists such as Halsey, Rihanna, Post Malone and Russ recording alongside him.

“I love having a female voice on record. It adds a new dimension to the music.”

Until then, Nicky Bondz will continue to be the positive ray of sunshine we all desire to see.

Nicky has a few words for all new or struggling artists.

“Start early and practice as much as possible. When you think you have practiced enough, practice three times harder. But whatever you do, don't listen to the naysayers. Be yourself, be your own person and don't get discouraged.”

Nicky Bondz new album, Vizion 2020 will be out soon. Nick is spitting these singles out faster than sunflower seeds are shelled! Be on the lookout for more... Bondz, Nicky Bondz on any sound platform near you!

I have included all the Nicky Bondz info you could possibly need below. Make yourself at home on each of his sites. You will find your soul mesmerized by his amazing videos and his outstanding vocals. Keep your ears ready for Vizion 2020!

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