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Rose Wild, "Needed Me”

Rose Wild is a beautiful and talented artist who has had her fair share of haters. Rose won’t let anyone stand in her way as she becomes the next music sensation! #music #new #love

"Needed Me,” is a song Rose created after a horrible breakup from someone she thought would be her forever! She was willing to drop her job, obligations, and life in Utah to make a move to Hawaii to be with her love. This boyfriend in question couldn't handle the jealousy he construed revolving around Wild’s career as an exotic dancer. Although she was all in, he couldn’t take the attention his beautiful girlfriend received. .

After an abrupt breakup, Rose was left alone, confused, and extremely hurt. One of her friends, who happens to be an artist, invited Rose to the studio in September, to transform her creative and deep poetry into a beautiful song. Wild bought some beats and boom…"Needed Me,” was created. Rose didn’t even realize that she had vocal skills. She was all about writing her feelings into poems but, when her friend heard her sing, that was it. Rose was inspired to record and release, "Needed Me”!

Rose admits that all of her songs are in regards to women's empowerment, getting over men, and are a whole lot of sexy! She plans to continue to drop one single every month! No need to fear, videos are coming as Rose and her amazing team have begun filming her first!

Wild’s next single, set to release mid March, is entitled, "Better”. This jam will be about being alone and a better person! You can be sure to expect a beautiful face, an amazing voice, and some deep thoughts derived from the personal experiences Rose has endured.

Make sure to follow Rose Wild as the new and budding artist releases one sexy, deep, emotional, and grinding song per month! Until Next Time…Stay Golden Team!

Wild’s advice About Haters:

"I just don’t listen to them. I have taken a lot of shit from haters already about my job so I have learned to just not listen.”

Fun Facts With Rose Wild:

  1. "In 5 years, my plan is to be on tour! That would be so awesome!”

  2. "My musical inspiration would definitely be Doja Cat. I feel like she is my spirit animal. She is a strong person and highlights her weirdness. I can relate to her.”

  3. "It would be my dream if I could perform with BIA. That would just be insane!”

  4. "I love to charcoal and paint and consider myself a creative artist.”

  5. "I like all music [except country] but mainly listen to Hip-Hop and R&B. I love Queen.”

Connect with Rose Today. She is starting a NEW merch line as well!!!

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