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Ron Anderson~Vocal Coach To The Stars!

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Does your throat hurt after singing? Have you noticed a rasp in your tone? If you answered yes, you NEED to understand the importance of using, The Voixtek Method created by Ron Anderson and Dr. Pipe Perez. You WILL damage your vocal cords if you do not sing correctly! Read up buttercup and learn how to preserve your voice before it’s too late. #voixtek #voixtekmethod

Was I intimidated meeting Ron Anderson?’s Ron Anderson, The Legend of Voice Mastery, Opera Singer, and Vocal Coach to the Stars! I anxiously rode in the elevator with Dr. Perez (Ron’s Business Partner as well as right hand man) and my Assistant, Skye. We were en route to meet the infamous, Ron Anderson. Dr. Perez explained that Ron was actively giving a voice lesson. The Artist that Ron was coaching had agreed to let me watch. I was about to witness, first hand, the importance of, The Voixtek Method.

Skye and I could hear a deep tone with a noticeable rasp bellowing “ga ga ga ga” as we neared the room. My stomach had definitely taken the place of my vocal cords. As we entered, we were greeted by the biggest, most heartwarming smile a girl could ask for. Ron Anderson opened his arms for a welcoming hug!

After the initial shock of meeting an icon wore off, Skye and I sat quietly as we continued to watch Ron coach the Artist. Ron used various techniques instructing the use of various facial muscles. Ron watched intently to ensure proper use of the Artist’s diaphragm as she went through the exercises Ron had for her. Ron played the keyboard in order to keep her tone on key. The Artist continued to practice using her diaphragm rather than straining her vocal cords. All of a sudden, her airway was opened! She released a powerful voice, without the rasp! There were a total of 6 of us in the room witnessing a miracle and not one dry eye! This my friends, was another voice saved by using, The Voixtek Method created by Ron Anderson and Dr. Pipe Perez.

Ron Anderson has a true passion for saving your voice and speaks only from experience.

Ron’s experience began when he was a senior in high school. Ron was asked to join the band, The Association. Before Ron had a chance to accept the offer, he was faced with the unimaginable, Ron’s vocal cords snapped! With a mouth full of blood and unmentionables circling through his mind, Ron just knew his dreams were over. Ron was sent to a remote island with the best doctor who ordered him complete silence over the next eight (8) months. Ron practiced speaking and eventually singing under the watchful eye of his doctor. Over time, Ron’s vocal cords healed and Ron was permitted to leave the island. Ron would never forget the importance of singing correctly again!

Once free from the island, Ron is on a mission to find the best vocal coaches in the land. Ron seeks the guidance of Tilly and Fritz Zweig.

“Tilly heard something in my voice and offered to take me on as a student. I really wanted to sing, and not the poppy stuff. I was getting the training I needed from the best coaches out there, more importantly, I was learning to sing correctly.”

Ron’s success landed him huge opportunities. Ron performed at the Opera for hours upon hours. His majestic voice was soon heard by all.

Over the years, Ron began to provide vocal lessons to the Stars. Ron earned the eye of 16 year old, Axl Rose.

Ron laughs as he recalls his first visit with Axl. “He came in with this gun thing around his neck and a squirt gun.”

Axl had one lesson with Ron and Ron remained Axl’s coach for the next 5 years. Ron continued to tour with Guns N Roses, coaching the band as needed. Ron remembers the good times he had touring with the band explaining they are a, “very, very nice group” .

“You see some singers for just a short time, like on singing shows. Many Artists you see go hard and then, they are gone. They can no longer sing like they used to, they have ruined their voice.”

So… Voixtek Method... What is it, how does it work, is it free? I gotchu!

The Voixtek Method Means.

  1. Mechanics of Vocalization

  2. Fundamentals of Breath Management

  3. Vocal Placement

  4. Vowel Modification and Dictation

I have made it easy for you to try yourself!

You can try the first seven (7) days for FREE or you can book a private lesson with Ron Anderson.

Ron Anderson has coached some of the most amazing talent out there, you could be next!

Have you wondered how The Weekend is singing 32 songs a night? As the Weekend’s coach, I asked Ron, “It’s easy if you do it right”.

“Teaching your body a new habit is never easy but using this method is guaranteed to save your voice!”

Ron admits to singing for 12 hours straight during his Opera days, and again, “it’s easy if you do it right”.

Please be aware of the danger you face from simply not singing correctly. Try it out... your voice is worth it!

There is so much to tell you about Ron Anderson and Dr. Pipe Perez. For the full story on Ron’s initial interview with me, click on the link below..

Thank you for reading but most important, Stay Positively Golden!

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