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“Pull Up 979” with G Class!

"Pull Up 979,” by N.A.3 ft. Hot Boy Willay, Johnny Mantrill, and Phranchize has been released! #music #rap #newmusic #art

"I was living the life that most rap about. All I can say is, there's always something better you can do with your time. Pull Up 979, represents this time in my life. My rhymes are written for those who actually listen to lyrics. Pull Up 979, is a song that people can relate to. There’s a lot of different ways to say pull up. I have pulled up in a lot of places during that time of my life. I am blessed that I am still here and able to put out music.”

N.A Tre (aka N.A.3 and Nate) was born as Nathaniel Allen III in Northwest Houston later moving to Bryan/College Station, Texas, just in time to attend grade school. His inspiration came from listening to his mother's extensive array of albums.

"In my spare time, I would listen to my moms albums instead of playing with toys. She had everything from Prince, The Jackson 5, and Phoebe Snow to Michael Bolton, Baby Face, and Too Short well, not all of too short… that would get me into trouble.”

N.A Tre has always had a passion for making music, yet in his younger years, sports were where the girls were and that's where you would find Nate, on a football field. He later discovered artists such as Whodini and LL Cool J. This would open a whole new realm of music for Nate explaining; "My neighbor and I would rap I’m Bad, by LL Cool J all day long, just going back and forth. I fell in love with rap and I started to write poetry. I just didn't have the guts to rap out loud yet. Flip (Rudy) Dashwood was and is a big inspiration to me. I played football with him and thought; If he’s doing this, then so can I. After I heard him rap, it made me go home and REALLY begin to write”.

N.A Tre was gaining confidence in himself. You could catch him freestyling on the back of the bus after football games. Catching the attention of his peers gave Nate even more confidence to pursue his dream of music. He began rapping at parties gaining attention from all the lil ladies surrounding him. "I was rapping at a party. One of the girls told me that I should be a rapper. I told her, I don't think that [rapping] is what I want to do, rappers die.” Nate went on to explain how he had 100% been affected by the death of The Notorious BIG and 2Pac. Their passing had deterred Nate from pursuing his dream of music pushing him back into football full time.

While attending college, Nate was a full fledged football player. For several reasons, it didn't pan out, so he returned home making the decision to make his musical dreams a reality. Nate and friends began to freestyle to a few beats, recording them on a cassette tape. He made copies and distributed them wherever and whenever he could which ultimately resulted in some pretty dope opportunities.

By the early 2000’s, N.A Tre had connected with several artists including, DJ J-Que from 97.9 The Box, in Houston, Texas. He invited N.A Tre to open for Swisha House, Lil’ Flip, Slim Thug, and Lil’ O! The show went amazing yet, life went on and so did a change in the team. Nate continued to write as well as focus on building his brand. Flip Dashwood and Nate reunite resulting in a signed agreement, a recording session in a professional studio, and an opening spot for TI. Life was about to take a bit of turn, a turn Nate would have never imagined.

"I was living a life that most rappers rap about. I didnt wanna rap about it; it would incriminate me. There were consequences and I manned up to them. That’s what Pull up 979, is all about. My music was heavily influenced during that time.”

Nate’s lifestyle choices had begun to affect his health. As a father and provider, he needed to make a change before it was too late. "Having a doctor show you a diagram of where you're at helps you to realize that you need to make a change.” Nate continued; "I had already forecasted where I wanted to be and I needed to make it there. If I wanted to actually be alive, I needed to focus on myself a bit. I did lots of grinding and compromising. I did an extreme makeover and regroup of how we moved. I sacrificed the glitz and glamour and went back to the basics. I realized that I didn’t have to be who I thought I had to be to make this work. I got a job and made a decision based on faith. Connections started happening and pieces fell into place”.

N.A Tre had a new outlook and appreciation for life. He rebranded his team under the name G Class explaining; "All I had were my gifts, I didn’t have any money. I was to build off of my gifts”.

N.A Tre began to record again meeting three time grammy award winner, Tre Nagella. By this time, Nate’s younger brother Johnny Mantrill aka Mantrill, had begun to rap. Mantrill and Nate joined forces and officialized G Class in 2008. N.A Tre and Mantrill continued to build their brand while performing at various events.

"In 2012-2013, I was at work and got a call about opening a show for Snoop Dogg. I was in shock! I instantly went from artist to business mode. I had to get merch, cd’s, and a flash drive ready. I was performing on stage for actual enthusiasts; It was the best time of my life. I met Uncle June Bug [Snoops uncle] backstage. He loved the performance, I took a picture with him and gave him a cd. This was the best experience ever.”

In 2015, Flip came in clutch once more for N.A Tre and the G Class, scheduling them to open for 2 Chainz through, Silver Platter Promotions. In 2020, G Class opened the show for J. Stone; All of the pieces are finally falling into place. G Class continue to write and produce their own music while building their brand. They have in-house producers and tons of merch! Within the next six months, Nate promises tons of new merch, lots of new music, FREE virtual shows on all of his social media platforms, and a collaboration with the one and only, CyFyre! Mantrill is releasing his first EP entitled, "Last of the Real Juan’s”. N.A Tre is working on the release of his new single "Big Daddy Nate,'' and as a team, be on the lookout for "Can I Live,” by Tre and Trill. In N.A Tre’s words; "Be ready, it’s coming”! Until Next Time...Stay Golden Team!

G Class Advise:

  1. "Grind! Make sure you get you some money point blank period. Start small, Take small steps and do it one at a time. When you watch what others are doing, you may put blinders on.”

  2. "Know who you are.”

  3. "Remain accessible. There are no real handouts, no one was coming to College Station to look for artists like us, we gotta work for it. JQ and Flip Dashwood remained accessible to people. They really helped me out throughout my career.”

  4. "Keep going.”

  5. "You can always make money but you can never get your time back.”

  6. "If you got gas...pull up.”

G Class Fun Facts

  1. "My favorite is rapper Scarface.”

  2. Contrary to popular belief, Mantrill and N.A Tre are real brothers.

  3. "I’m drawn to rhythm and beats. It’s more like therapy to me.”

  4. "My name represents who I am including values and beliefs.”

  5. "I am a father, a provider, and a type 1 diabetic.”

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