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Pop and R&B/Soul Artist Wendy Lucas, Has Released, “Near Me”!

Portuguese-American, singer/songwriter, and independent artist Wendy Lucas, has done it again. “Near Me”, has been released and is available on all streaming platforms! #newmusic #music #rnb

Wendy released her newest hit, "Near Me” on January 8, 2021! "Near Me”, is made in collaboration with Scotland producer, Andrew Brien and has a cool, electronic vibe. "This song is about falling in love, even when you don't know what the future holds.” Wendy explained; "I think it's pretty relevant to the lessons we’ve learned from 2020. Life can be so unpredictable, so it's really about just going for it and having faith that things will work out the way they're supposed to”.

Wendy may have just become the next big star but her dream of performing began at the age of 8, when she was old enough to join the church choir. "Singing at church was a very unique experience.” Wendy continued; "Over time, the choir director became my mentor. I continued to sing in the choir until last year, I just loved it”.

Being Portuguese, the Lucas family listened to classical fado music, but by the age of 12, Wendy was introduced to pop culture and new epiphanies.

"Taylor Swift, is a lyrical inspiration. Taylor started at the age of 12, so I thought, I am 12 , I can do this too so, I asked for a guitar for christmas. My first songs were horrible but, you have to start somewhere. At least I got all of the bad ones out of the way.”

"As time went on, I remember listening to Kehlani, Alicia Keys, and H.E.R realizing, I do this at church. I can do that one day; I want to be like that. There are so many layers to their vocals. They are strong women who know what they want. Their mindset is, I'm going to go get it, kind of mentality. I am currently taking Alicia Keys’ MasterClass, and I love it.”

Lucas went into college as a biology major. It took half of a semester for her to realize that biology was not what she wanted out of life. "Music was the only thing I could see myself pursuing.” Wendy continued; "I tried different classes to see if I would like it but, there was nothing that I wanted to do more than music”.

"I didn’t fully go for music until my junior year of college. I became a music director for a music group [in college] and released my first song on soundcloud called, You Make It Easy.

In her senior year, Wendy studied social media marketing and performing. During this time, she wrote and produced 3 more songs. Wendy went on an internship to L.A. and immediately fell in love with it. Her trip was forced to an end due to the pandemic yet, she knew where she needed to take her future and as a specialist in vocal melodies, she had the tools to do so.

Since graduating, Wendy is on a mission to continue to produce and publish music consistently. She has learned how to successfully get on a Spotify playlist and is showing you how to do the same!

"You know your first few songs aren't going to get a lot of attention. I got discouraged from lack of immediate gratification but I have to remember, that’s how music is. Independent artists do it all, so it can get a little discouraging. Dm’s that people like my music, it means so much that it made someone's day better. Those messages mean more to me than getting on a playlist. People think it's so hard but, it takes commitment. If you have solid music, an angle, and you are consistent, you can do it. I wanted to give others hope as well.”

"During the pandemic, I am taking advantage of my time at home. This time has really pushed me to write more. I write all of my music, and produce most of it, usually with the help of my boyfriend, Andy Stilson and our friend, Dave Brady (who produced i l*ve u). I've been getting more into producing recently. I work my butt off. I was upset about it so why not write about it. I wrote and recorded Quarantine Crazy, in my room. This was in May, when no one really knew what was happening. If I genuinely feel something, songs just come out of me.”

Wendy admits to having, "A ton of projects going on”. She has a full EP prepared that just needs to be produced. She’s got a bunch of singles and some awesome collabs explaining; "All I want is for people to listen to my music, feel something and like it”.

Wendy has such a loving, go get-her tiger, kind of personality. She is a strong woman who is rising to the top in warp speed. Her goals are to simply inspire others through her music and to tour. At the rate she’s going, she’ll be there in no time. Wendy promises to continue to release new music consistently so make sure you follow her pages. Until Next Time...Stay Golden Team!

Wendy’s Advice For New Artists

  1. "Be kind to yourself and trust the process. With the right confidence, you can do it.”

  2. "If you have a real passion in your heart and for the right reasons, you're meant to do it. Leave all your doubt at the door and just try it.”

  3. "Know that it's ok to be discouraged at times but celebrate every single win. This month I only had 9k listeners, last month I had 18k. I could get down but then I think about how many people are actually listening… thats huge.”

  4. "Be consistent . You need a presence and you need to connect with people through your music, so just make sure to stay consistent.”

Wendy Has Two Mega Goals

  1. "My big supersize goal or dream is to stay independent. A record label would have to give me a really sweet deal for me to not be an independent artist. I have no manager, agent, producer, or writer, with the exception of, 'Overthinking’ and, 'i l*ve u’. Help would be easier and faster but I love producing my own stuff.”

  2. "I want to make a living off of my music, in California, with a dog, and one day a family.”

Fun Facts With Wendy Lucas!

  1. "I love to cook and I love ham. All kinds of ham, spiral is the best, and chicken wings mmmm.”

  2. "My favorite vacation spot is Portugal. We are from the Azores. My family still lives there. My parents moved here when they were about 18 years old. I understand portuguese, but I’m not fluent anymore.”

  3. "In my spare time, I just watch a lot of youtube videos about California and how to produce music, as well as artists interviews.”

  4. "I am a beach girl.”

  5. "I cry everytime I make it on a Spotify Editorial playlist. It feels amazing.”

  6. "I love Mac Miller! If only he was still here. I would love to do a funk song with him! I just love him.”

  7. "I am such a huge perfectionist that I get so down on myself. It’s sometimes hard without someone telling you that your work is good. It’s hard when you produce and record your own stuff because there is no one there to give you that validation.”

  8. "Humidity is NOT my friend.”

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