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On The Red Carpet With, February's Dog!

The flight there suuuucked but, my time in Canada with the cast and crew was worth it all! I met some of the nicest, most welcoming, and generous peeps in the good ole Canadian land! #film #movie #redcarpet

The anticipation for the World Premiere of February's Dog, has been building for years. Finally, the day has arrived; The world gets to enjoy the hard work that writer, producer, and actor Paul Chinook, has worked so hard to accomplish.

February's Dog, focuses on the mental health of men which is more than relevant to what we are experiencing in the world today. Loss of jobs, pay, being stuck at home, and letting down your friends and family; How would you deal with this? Some handle this stress with ease while others buckle under the pressure turning to drugs and/or alcohol or even worse, suicide!

Upon arriving in Canada, our luggage was lost in space! I am going to a freaking red carpet event and have no makeup, clothes, tooth brush, or clean chonies; Freak out mode commence! My husband and I knew that our hands were tied. Either the airlines would find our belongings or we would spend the next 24 hours shopping like a rockstar! With the undeniable stress, our first stop was the hotel bar. After chugging a few and no luggage to unpack we figured, why not stroll the streets of Calgary and check it out? We hit up a few local spots and a dispensary. After business was handled and an attitude adjustment took place, we had the time of our lives!

The Flames are playing and the bars are packed. We met a handful of the most wonderful humans and partied like we were 18. We ended up at a restaurant with our new friends, time…who knows! Evidently we thought we were in some sort of club by the way we danced on top of the tables; yeah… this is a restaurant guys! We crawled back up to our empty hotel room at 5:30am to prepare for the Calgary International Beer Festival the following day or should I say, hours later. After swearing we would NOT drink too much, we were back in the comfort of our room by 2 am with… our luggage!!!

Saturday was a big day! February’s Dog, is finally premiering and I am more than honored to attend! Paul and team have been diligently working on this film for the last 2 years and it's finally here, on the big screen! We glam up and head out! Paul Chinook [Dale] Quinn Teechma [Emily], Jill Robinson [Canadian PR and actor], Kevin Davey [Nigel], Doug Wilson [Arthur Newbury], Dan McDougall [Pastor Frank], Will Webster [Jedd Wilson], along with several more outstanding and talented actors were in attendance. We climb out of the limo (no way to do this gracefully), stroll down the red carpet and into the theater. We had a very excited crowd standing outside of the theater greeting us as they anticipated indulging in the overwhelming yet exciting World Premiere of, February’s Dog.

As the movie played, there was not one dry eye in the theater. The reactions from the audience as they watched February's Dog, was breathtaking. I was in awe of the amount of people who not only attended but felt the emotion from the actors. As the U.S. P.R, this was a beautiful sight! Movie over, tears flowing, and drinks now needed, we load up the limos and head to the Gala. The Gala was gorg! We concluded our evening with dinner, drankage, and a musical performance by Lyndsay Butler. Quinn and I were not done yet! We headed over to another local spot for a nightcap before Quinn was to fly out to compete in Miss Universe Canada the next day. Miss that chicka already! Of course, I needed to try a lil bit of poutine before leaving this beautiful land (beware Canada, I will be back!). We called it a night and prepared for our flight home.

Since the world premiere of February's Dog, some exciting things have happened! February’s Dog, has won 9 awards from 3 festivals AND has been selected for 6 more festivals!!! I cannot wait until February's Dog, is in the states for all of you to enjoy. February's Dog, is funny yet deep, passionate and emotional, it’ll make you laugh and cry at the same time. Make sure to keep a lookout for, February's Dog in a theater near you. If you happen to live in Canada, go see it! No excuses; Just make sure to pack your tissues as well. Until Next Time… Stay Golden Team!

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