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"Oh My,” by Mali Ama!

"Oh My, speaks about the feelings of when you first meet a guy. You think, is he going to f*&k it up? Is he portraying his real self? At first it wasn't about anyone; I’m not really dating but, then I met someone and it became more about him. Oh My, has received over 21K streams in only 2 months; I'm really excited about that!” #afrobeats #music #newmusic

Before Mali Ama knew that her future would include dope beats and bad ass music, she was inspired by the one and only, Beyonce. "I played Beyonce everyday on my red ipod.” Mali Ama continued; "I started chorus in 5th grade and I really enjoyed it but, I stopped in high school. I picked up singing again while attending school at Georgia State University. One day I thought, I should use this gift. If someone gave you a gift and you never opened it or used it, I don’t know, that's kind of like a spit in the face. God gave me the gift of my voice, I need to use and share it despite my fears. Fear is the attention that stardom has on you”.

"My first song [under the artist name Damali] was released in 2017 called, For GOODE. I was sooo nervous; It was terrible. I had a classmate mix and record for me, it was really bad [lol]. I have learned so much since then. I make beats almost everyday. I have like 3-4 versions of each song, I feel like I can always do better.”

"In 2020, I released my first single under Mali Ama called, Say. I came across this loop and I really liked the sound. The second verse is about everyone but, mainly about my mom. We don't have the best of a relationship. She’s not great at communicating how she feels and sweeps things under the rug. Say, is about really just saying how you feel. Just talk to me! The more I thought about that, I thought about other situations and how I don't communicate or express how I feel in the best way. This song actually took me a while to put out. I put a lot of effort into each one of my songs. I am always trying to make them the best that I can. The writing really just flowed, it was more of how I was going to put it together. Say, is all about terrible communication and if you're not communicating correctly, I need to go somewhere else. Say, currently has over 36K streams!”

Mali Ama is a new artist with dope music and a promising future. She is skipping down a peachy path to success and not letting anything or anyone stand in her way. Mali Ama glowed as she explained her accomplishments. "Big Bang, received an award for Best International Independent Music Video Award, under the R&B category. If covid didn't happen, I would have received it in person. I was still excited to receive it by mail though. I have also been following this lofi producer, StIndrms. I have been sending my music to him since 2017. He finally wrote back and now, I'm waiting to hear my music on his show! Things are happening.”

Next on the menu for Mali Ama include the release of her new EP, as well as starting her own band. Mali Ama explained the inspiration behind her new EP. "I have an EP coming out soon about a situationship. Oh My, started the story for me so, let’s see how it ends. This EP is like a story, or a trilogy of music. Other than that, I can’t wait to tour and start my own band. I want to do something like a Vevo Lift performance online. I would like to do something different so I have been working with afrobeats producer, Shizzi. I haven’t found the pocket to make Afrobeats, but I’ll definitely write to one I can flow on. Afrobeats are coming soon!”

As you can see, Mali Ama holds some serious talent. She is a hardworking woman that is full of inspiration and determination. She is humble, beautiful, talented, and full of life. Make sure you follow Mali Ama to enjoy her new creations and extraordinary achievements. Until Next Time...Stay Golden Team!

Mali Ama has some advice for new artists:

"You will eventually find your team. You will find those that you inspire. It's refreshing to hear that all the hard work you put in does not go unnoticed. It's all about consistency and persistence. Just keep growing and keep that faith strong!”

Fun Facts with Mali Ama!

"Damali is my first name and my middle name is Ama. I never liked it because I was always made fun of because of it. About a year into my career, my godmother suggested that I use the artist name of Mali Ama; It just grew on me. Eventually, I took ownership and pride over my name and I think it's pretty dope now.”

"I tried to play the flute but that didn’t work out. I am currently learning how to play the guitar but for now, my voice is my instrument.”

"The way I write is different. I write the title first and then flow from there.”

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