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Oceanside's Pharaoh 101!

Anthony Pharaoh Andino has made a name for himself as Oceanside’s very own, Pharaoh 101! At only 20 years old, Pharaoh 101 owns his own recording studio and has dropped several dope songs. He places a little dab of his own heart in every beat he records. #music #love #hiphop #art #musician #rap #producer #artist

Anthony’s childhood was not one of a fairy-tale. He was released into the world with the threat of being placed into foster care. His mom simply couldn’t afford to raise him therefore, Anthony was raised by his father in Oceanside, California. Andino stated, “I have never been out of California; L.A is probably the farthest I have ever been away from home”.

Raised by a father who was a DJ, Anthony’s love for music began at a very young age. He remembers the amazing artists who fed his musical inspiration. “I remember my dad playing music in the car. He would listen to Mary J. Blige, Nas, WuTang, Common, and Tupac.” Anthony continues, “At like 6 or 7 years old, I remember listening to Keisha Cole, she sang this song, Just Like You. Listening to this song really made me notice music more; I felt her passion and her man, her voice, it’s just beautiful, she is a huge inspiration to me”.

By the time 4th grade came around, music was Anthony’s total world. He entered a talent show and sang one of his original songs. Although he doesn’t remember the results, he remembers the crowd loving his performance. At such a young age, music had already touched his soul as he wrote his own lyrics to his own beats. Andino explained, “I wanted to be like Keisha Cole; I wanted others to feel the passion in my music like you do with hers [Keisha Cole]”.

By the age of 13, Andino was able to meet his mother. Anthony was “proud” of the woman that stood in front of him yet, his life was changing as fast as Texas weather. Anthony explained; “I wanted to be lots of things like a meteorologist, an animator, a cartographer, and work in film yet, music always came back to me. I had met a friend online that I shared music interests with, we would exchange artists and songs. This brought back memories of me and my dad listening to music in the car. Having these feelings made me want to do music again. When I was 14 years old, I started writing lyrics and recording”. Pharaoh continues to stay in contact with his mother as he pursues his musical passion.

Pharaoh 101 wasted zero amount of time. He got busy and released his first mix-tape on YouTube and Sound cloud on December 19, 2016 called, I Start Livin’. Andino admits, “This is the first collage of songs that I felt passionate about enough to share with the world. I expected some doubters, I was told that I sounded like a ‘white rapper’ and ‘would never get anywhere’ but, I never let that get to me. I knew that with practice I would grow so, I just didn’t listen to any of that feedback”.

After shooting the video for, I Start Livin’ with close friend Juan, the feedback Andino received was priceless. “I received lots of positive feedback. I felt proud of myself at that point. Juan had seen something in me that no one else had seen.” Anthony continued; “People were making sacrifices for me, Juan chose me, I am just blessed”.

The deep passion that Anthony feels for music had spilled into the tea of everyone surrounding him. He would meet new friends that would share the same passion as he. When Anthony met a fellow recording artist by the name of GIO$, the connection was instant and in 2018, the duo produced Anger. In the same year, Anthony released Grieve, Run Away, and High-Low. During this time, Andino had always called himself Pharaoh. He soon realized, this name was already taken and his name must be changed... stat. After shooting a video in front of Cafe 101 and being from California, Pharaoh 101 was the perfect fit.

Releasing several singles and enduring hours of constant practice, Pharaoh 101 was able to release his second album in 2019 named, XYZ. “XYZ, is a spacey album focusing on time, existence, and galaxies.” Pharaoh 101 explained the deepness of his thoughts and emotions as he poured his soul into his music. His deep emotions lie between his lyrics as he raps about true, honest, and real time events in which he holds dear.

In January of 2020, Pharaoh 101 released, I Love You So Much (ILYSM). He explained, “This song touched on my own reflections in my relationship. This song was more about, what am I doing wrong and what am I missing”?

Pharaoh 101 explained his plans on releasing an Album in 2020. “2020 has been a big eye opener for me. As a society, we have been through so much this year. COVID-19, BLM, unemployment, and friendships have all been affected, the world has been affected. I decided to dismantle the album and go a different direction. As of now, I am writing and working in silence. I have over 600 beats in the vault right now. I will drop some soon, I don't know what I will drop or when but I can tell you, it will be soon.

Pharaoh 101 continues to practice and write meaningful lyrics for all to enjoy...soon. In the meantime, he will continue to work closely with GIO$, Hailey, Juan, and Manny in his own studio, AAE. Anthony expressed his gratitude for such a great team stating; “I am so thankful for my team. They have willingly put their own lives aside to be able to work on music together. I am grateful to be able to express myself and to continue to make beats with no limits, the possibilities are endless. I am extremely thankful for my dad. He gives me real and honest feedback and has always been such an inspiration”.

Pharaoh 101 is going places fast! As you listen to his tunes, you will understand the deep emotion he has placed in every song released. Every single song is a feeling, a depth, and an emotion that Pharaoh 101 has felt in that moment. He doesn’t use a lot of slang or rhymes; his focus is on the beauty that music holds and the message his tunes send. Anthony is a very humble young man with the heart of an angel and a voice from the gods. He has a heart of gold that you are sure to fall in love with. Check out his channels and show him some love. Pharaoh’s advice to all artists is to, “Be yourself, don’t be someone you aren’t, your passion will come naturally. There is never a reason to be someone you are not”.

Until next time… Stay Golden Team!



All photos taken by Juan Chavez “TheLifeOfJuancho” of Endless Dreamz Productions


IG: @endless_dreamz_ig @lifeofjuancho

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