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Night 3 With Harry Styles

Almost two years ago, I bought my ticket to see Harry Styles in concert. The moment the lights went down and the music stopped, I couldn’t believe that I was actually about to see him in person!!! #harrystyles #onedirection #tpwk

I originally bought my ticket, like so many others, without any idea that the next two years [pandemic grossness] would stand between me and the show I would be attending. On Nov. 20, I saw Harry Styles live, an artist I have absolutely adored since he released the first single off of his sophomore album entitled, Fine Line in 2019. I was emotional to say the least.

Since the stage was set up in the middle of the venue, Styles made sure to show some love to every side of the stage, often running and dancing around to get to a different side of the stage. Styles made sure to check on fans in the crowd, especially those in Georgia. It’s not uncommon for fans in GA to pass out due to lack of water and/or food, or because people are too close to one another. In fact, during "Canyon Moon,” Styles briefly stopped the show to make sure that a fan was alright and he gave them some water.

The almost two hour set consisted of songs from both of his albums, along with the song that skyrocketed One Direction to fame entitled, "What Makes You Beautiful”.

One of my favorite parts of the show was Styles' performance of "Two Ghosts” and "Falling,” which he mashed together for his set. During the song, fans turned on the flashlights on their phones and waved them back and forth, it was really beautiful.

"Lights Up,” was the song that really made me love Harry. I cannot even begin to describe how much fun it was to scream the lyrics. I really loved the part of the song where he sang the lyric "Do you know who you are?” and quickly said "yep,” afterwards. I can honestly say that since hearing this song for the first time, I absolutely know who I am now.

The song I was most anticipating was, "Fine Line;” It was everything I had hoped it would be. "Fine Line,'' is one of my absolute favorite songs, specifically because of the ending. I had been waiting to hear him say the line "we’ll be alright,” for almost two years at that point, and I was finally able to. It was a very emotional moment for me, especially because of the last year and a half that we’ve all had. Like many artists, Harry Styles walked off-stage briefly after performing "Fine Line,” only to come back for an encore.

Styles finished out his final night at the Forum with "Kiwi,” yet another incredibly fun song to hear him perform live. At one point during the song, a person near me decided to throw water at him, and not a minute later, he came back and threw water back at them. I hadn’t realized that that’s what had happened until after the show and it made me laugh.

I was left feeling speechless when the show was over. As soon as I walked outside, I admired the projection of Harry Style’s name on the Forum one last time, as well as the "TPWK” (the acronym for "Treat People With Kindness,” a saying coined by the singer) displayed on a screen outside the venue.

This concert marked the first time I had ever seen Harry live and it was such an incredible experience. I shed quite a lot of tears, but they were all out of joy. There is nothing like hearing live music you’ve admired for a long time for the first time ever. The next time Harry Styles goes on tour in the United States, I will absolutely be attending.

If Harry Styles ever comes to a city near you, all I can say is, you should definitely go! You’ll definitely have lots of fun!

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