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New Artist Alert! Introducing, Hastings!

Have you ever gone to a concert just for the headliner, but you came out a fan of the opener? It has happened to me more times than I can count and it definitely happened again when I saw The Band Camino a little over two weeks ago. So now, let me introduce you to my newest obsession, Hastings!

Since The Band Camino’s tour started, I have heard a lot of praise from people for the band’s openers, one of them being Hastings. With that being said, I had pretty high expectations before seeing him at the Novo and I can honestly say that he exceeded those expectations.

Although Hastings doesn’t have much music out yet, he really made the most of it and put on such a great set! By the end, I was so eager to see him again the next night at the Observatory.

His set started with "Chapstick,” the only song I was sort of familiar with before seeing him that first night. It was such a perfect song to start the night off with and it really got the energy going in the venue.

Hastings also played an unreleased song called "Hurt My Feelings,” and all I can say is, WOW! I really hope he releases it soon because it was definitely one of my favorites and I desperately would love to hear a studio version of it.

He ended his set with "Blank Me,” which I feel was the most fun song that he performed and such a great closing song. He has great stage presence and often would step away from the mic to dance a little.

Seeing him open for The Band Camino that first night at the Novo felt like one of those moments that I’ll never forget because I found my new favorite artist.

Hastings is currently still on tour with The Band Camino, although their tour is just finishing up. Please go see Hastings if you have the chance! He is such a great artist and I’m so excited to see him again when I can and what else he releases.

Connect with Hastings:

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