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Nashville Music Sensation, Chloe Collins!

By the age of eight, Chloe wrote her first song and in only five short years, her music would be played on hit TV shows such as Nashville, Heartland, The Vineyard, Bellevue, and Hudson and Rex! #tiktok #nashville #countrymusic

Chloe Collins grew up in Manhattan, New York surrounded by music. Her dad was a singer/songwriter and her mom, a singer. Chloe remembers her parents always singing around the house to amazing music such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. It was, Hannah Montana:The Movie, that made Chloe realize that music was her passion. Watching guest star Taylor Swift play the guitar with simplicity and Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) singing Butterfly Fly Away, in that movie, had impacted her future like no other. She was bound and determined to pursue her dream in music!

"I was like eight years old when I saw, Hannah Montana: The Movie. I distinctly remember watching Miley Cyrus singing and Taylor Swift playing her guitar and singing. I thought that it would be so cool to do it all by myself too. I wanted to sing, write, and play the guitar just like Taylor Swift. I researched how to play the guitar on youtube and learned basic guitar chords. I played the same riff for like 13 hours [lol]. I was obsessed, but it helped. By the age of eight, I wrote my own song; Evidently I was a very motivated young girl.”

By the age of thirteen, Chloe was in full artist mode. She began sending cold emails to TV supervisors, hoping they allowed her a chance for her music to be played on TV. She had written tons of music and earned her song entitled, Enough on the TV show, "The Vineyard”!

"Getting my songs on shows was more of a domino effect. I cold emailed people to find show supervisors. I would just write to them saying; I would love to have my song on your TV show, ok bye. I was 13 and didn't know what I was doing, but they emailed me back and were interested. Some of my songs were discovered on spotify editor-curated playlists.”

By the young age of fourteen, Collins was given the opportunity to record her music in Nashville studios. She released her first EP "5@15,” with those songs. She immediately knew that Nashville was where she needed to be, she just needed to convince her parents. Evidently she did a dope job at convincing them as the family made their move to The Music CIty, when Chloe was seventeen years old!

"I didn't know where to start. I had a friend in New York who did a writers round in Nashville. She got me going into writers rounds and it just dominoed from there. My first week there, everything just fell into place although, I remember thinking; What now? I played where I could and went to school. My song, Forget Your Name, played on CMT’s hit show Nashville, during the 100th episode!”

After finishing high school, Chloe began classes at Belmont University, majoring in songwriting. She took every opportunity possible to make sure she was living her dreams to the fullest. She continued to write, sing, and play as much as possible while handling her own social media and public relations. She did a dandy job as her songs entitled, "Partner in Crime,” and "Mind Of Mine,” became huge Tik Tok sensations!

"I still need to get used to people singing along to songs that I wrote. Other people are singing something that I created. That was always my dream. It's so insane that people know my songs!”

Chloe continues to follow her passion by hosting live concerts on Tik tok for her fans. You can catch her live every Monday and Friday taking requests from her fans while singing to perfection! Pre-quarantine, she was gigging 4 shows a week plus holding down school. Being stuck inside has helped her to release a song every six weeks. You can catch her next release on June 25th entitled, "Someone’s Yesterday”.

"I’ve never been somebody's future, I have always been someones yesterday. I'm so used to deep talks and scaring people off. You know those people that text you at 3am but not during the day? Then you find that great relationship and it seems too good to be true. That’s what this song is about. Everything I write is written from someone’s truth. I take my friends' experiences and write about that too [lol]. This one was definitely my truth.”

I asked Chloe what she was going to do next and her answer was very simple; "Saying yes to all the shows that I can get into; Touring would be great as well. I’m so excited to finally be able to perform again. I would love to be an opening act for someone. I want to get my music to more people. My song Can’t Stop, is on secondary radio. I am inching my way up the music row breakout chart to be the top 40”!

With tons of new releases and a now open world, Chloe is ready to rumble. Make sure you catch her live concerts and stay up to date with this inspirational human as she makes her way through Nashville. I have included all of her handles to ensure you don't miss a beat with Chloe Collins! Until Next Time...Stay Golden Team!

Get To Know More With Chloe Collins!

  1. "I don’t have a manager or label yet, but that would be great. I need someone to keep my schedule in line.”

  2. "I love to read. I have challenged myself to read 100 books this year. I'm only a ¼ of the way through that goal so far.”

  3. "I am currently writing a novel. Any form of writing is so much fun, so I am always writing. I began writing books when I was really young.”

  4. "I like acting. I've been in a lot of plays and done casting calls.”

  5. "I had a zoom party with fans from tik tok. Everyone started singing and I started crying- it was amazing and wild.”

  6. "I went to a film camp and I think that it may have helped me on the music video side of things.”

Chloe’s Inspirational Words Of Wisdom:

"Do what you want to do and try not to fit in the box or genre of what you think people want to hear. I remember having a checklist of things that I thought people wanted to hear, even with my image. I would wear boots and it just didn't work with me. Once I started being me, it was so much better. Do what you are. The thing that makes you weird also makes you unique. I think that helped me quite a bit. I'm going to keep doing what I want to do.”

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