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Make-up Tips and Tricks!

Quinn Teechma has shared her makeup tips and tricks! Who else would be better to show you how to make your made-up look its best other than, Miss Canada Tourism International 2020/2021! #makeup #glam

Makeup Don’ts

1) Don’t Apply Makeup to a Dirty Face

2) Don’t Sleep in Your Makeup

3) Don’t Skip Your Eyebrows

4) Don't Over Highlight

5) Don't Over Blush

Makeup Do’s

1) Do Match Your Foundation

2) Do Apply Makeup in a Natural Light


4) Do Pay Attention to Your Skin

5) Do Take a Lesson!

Applying makeup to a dirty face is a big no no all around ladies! I'm sure you've heard it before, but it can cause all kinds of skin irritation and clogging of pores! Make sure you're using a gentle cleanser every morning when you wake up as well as before bed after removing all makeup. Pro tip - Only use a facial scrub about once a week! Scrubs can be harsh on your skin so you don't want to be using them too often.Speaking of scrubs! DON'T SLEEP IN YOUR MAKEUP! No seriously! If you thought applying makeup to uncleansed skin would be bad, this is next level! Not only can sleeping in your makeup cause clogged pores and severe acne, it is also a large cause severe eye irritation! Our eye's are so sensitive! Please be nice to them! Next look up! We've got eyebrows!A strong brow can really define the face, especially when you're taking photos. Don't forget defining your eyebrows is a crucial, don’t-skip step that can change the look of your entire face. Eyebrows frame your eyes and can have a serious effect on the emotional mood you're going for! There are a ton of great brow tutorials on youtube if you need more guidance. Don't worry Queen! You got this!

Don't Over Highlight!

Highlight can really add an incredible glow to any makeup look, from soft and dewy to full glam. It's super important to not go overboard though! Remember the saying "The camera adds 10lbs? (It takes 10 off when you visit Queen Studios) Well that saying should be in reference to highlighter, anything shimmery is gonna be very exaggerated by the camera, we don't want you looking like you've got plastic skin!

Don't Over Blush!

I'm not sure about you, but I'm currently picturing a full clown look at the moment! You would be surprised at how many women over blush! A tip from one of our main makeup artists @Ellestsydney is hold back a little, you shouldn't be able to see a solid colour change, it should be a subtle blend into a slight pigmentation.

"I wish I could get my MAKEUP DONE EVERY DAY."

Matching your foundation is so important Did you know you should actually be matching your foundation to the skin on your neck not your face! The skin tone on your face often is slightly lighter or darker than skin on your neck. The last thing we want is a noticeable makeup line!

Applying your makeup in natural light can also help big time when it comes to avoiding that line. You want your makeup to blend evenly and have a natural tone. Pro Tip: get a ring light that changes colour tones!

Blending! blend blend blend! There is no such thing as too much blending girl! Blend your blush, blend your contour, blend your highlighter, blend your eyeshadow! BLEND IT ALL!

Pay attention to your skin ladies! Your skin will tell all, take care of it, notice when it's dry or irritated, be kind and always aware of it's reactions!

Finally and most importantly, take advice from the pro's! Did you know that the makeup artists at Queen Studios YYC offer one on one makeup lessons? not only that, but they will even take you shopping to find all the best products. No more standing in the makeup isle for hours wondering which shade will match your skin tone, or which brand of mascara is going to give you that perfect volume and length. Our team has your back in and out of the studio!

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