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"Listen Like It’s Gospel," by Prana Songbird Feat. Richie Sambora!

Listen Like It’s Gospel, feels right. It’s like everything I have been waiting for in a song. I feel really blessed to be working with amazing people to get it out. Listen Like It’s Gospel, is really about how I feel everyday trying to wake up in a world that I don't fit in. Listen Like It’s Gospel, is now available on all streaming platforms!!!" #music #gospel #star #lead

"I had always hid singing from my parents, they had never heard me sing. One time, my dad busted me singing in my room. I had my pink stereo going; I don't remember what it was but I was feeling it. My dad knocked on the door, and I shut off the stereo, peeked through the crack of the door and said, what's up? It was awkward. I must have been like 9 or 10 years old at the time. He was like; Were you just singing? I looked at him and was like; Ugh, no! He said; Really? Well alright, I thought you were singing. He closed the door and I never sang in the house again when people were home. I would go to the park or somewhere else to sing [lol].”

"Music officially began when I met my husband Erik. We were really great friends. I had discovered that I was painfully shy when it came to singing in front of people. One year, I wanted to sing a song for my parents' anniversary gift, so I asked him for his feedback. I told him to please be honest and that if he doesn't think I should, please tell me; I will believe you and go buy them something if it's not good. I sing this song and he goes; Are you kidding me right now. I was like; What? Is it that bad? He said; You’re amazing, is this a joke? Then I got a lecture from him. I know we're friends [at the time] but, is he really just trying to gloss over my lack of skill to get in good with me? I just wanted an honest answer and I thought he was just being nice. I went and bought my parents a gift at Bed Bath and Beyond. From then on, he would not leave me alone about singing.”

Prana Songbird’s best friend and soon to be husband was not taking no for an answer. Once he had heard the gift that Prana secretly held inside of her, he pushed her to pursue her talent by booking karaoke nights and open mics all around town. Things quickly escalated as Prana began to audition to be a backup singer for various bands. Watching other talented singers perform supplied Prana with more insecurity and anxiety than she could handle until she met Amber Tomlin. Prana Songbird explained; "I heard her sing and knew I couldn't sing like her. I started crying, I was so scared that someone would throw tomatoes at me. Amber made this so much fun for me. She was amazing, beautiful, and professionally trained. Here I am, a scrappy kid just trying. She helped me to break out of my shell, she was my training wheels. I soon fell madly in love with performing, singing specifically. I had never thought I would sing in front of people. Between her and Erik, they really helped me. And there was no stopping me from then on out”.

"I bounced all around until I found my group The Honey Creepers Band, in Florida. We were such a strange combo. You would think that we wouldn't have worked. We had John Butler who is a singer/songwriter and does folk festivals. His songs tell such a great story and that's what I needed; I needed to tell a story. Randy Hilderman played bass and trumpet. He was more into funk. He told me that at one point he was in a polka band. I love music all across the board. I just love music. In a way, it was hard for me. Everyone wants to know your genre. I dont have one, the key word is crossover and I didn't realize that at the time. We just did a little bit of everything. I learned so much from them.”

Prana eventually found herself as part of a barbershop chorus who ranked #1 in the world, The Spirit of The Gulf! “Most of my career was jumping from one group to another to find my sound.” Prana continued; “Prayer really helped me to overcome my shyness. I would have full on breakdowns or panic attacks before each show. Something would come over me right before I went on stage. I would dry my face and walk out with a smile. All of a sudden, I wasn't just this girl, I was Prana and it was go time”.

Prana Songbird continued to make a name for herself as discovered herself explaining;

Listen Like It’s Gospel, feels right. It’s like everything I have been waiting for in a song. I feel really blessed to be working with amazing people to get it out. Listen Like It’s Gospel, is really about how I feel everyday trying to wake up in a world that I don't fit in. I'm still going to get up and make mistakes. I am overcoming my own self and walking a path that I desire. It feels unachievable but at the same time, I can't stop trying. I try to walk amongst the angels. Everyday when I get up, I just want to do the righteous thing. I just want to know that I am on the right path. It really was powerful for me and it speaks to me. Actually getting the work done in the studio was amazing! A huge shout out to Thomas Marolda and Richie Sambora who made it so easy for me to not freak out. It was a great experience”.

"I needed to sing to an audience to tell my story. Listen Like It’s Gospel, was one of the first times I felt like, I got this, I have to do this. I will never forget Bridget Kelly who told me; No, you get to do this! I needed to turn around my thinking. I need to have a great time. Bridget is a beautiful person and amazing vocalist. I embraced how much I loved this song and was so excited to tell this story to people. Listen Like It’s Gospel, was recorded in, The Dream Studio Complex Studio 9. Listen Like It’s Gospel, will be in my upcoming film called, Love Song and Power, that I will be the lead in. It’s an adaptation of a book written by Steve Kinchin [writer out of LA]. It tells the story of a young singer/songwriter who is a struggling musician. She is getting noticed and thinks she has fallen in love. Now there are choices. Do I do what I need to do for my career or follow my heart, She doesn't always get it right. That's really all I can say though. Aaron Jackson, Ivan Vargas, Jason Menz, and Tay Lindsey are just some of the amazing cast members. The movie should be released in 2022, around the same time as my album. Bring it on 2022!!! ”

Prana Songbird’s next masterpiece is called, The River! The River, is produced by Thomas Marolda and Randy Stephens. It has less edge and is more of a chill with friends, backyard BBQ type of song. The River, will be released on July 30th with Sony Orchard. "The River, is inspired by Muscle Shoals. The river that goes through Muscle Shoals, has a spirit about it.” Prana continued; "Great legends recorded in the studios there like Aretha Franklin. Anyone that was anyone performed there. The song is about the river and the amazing music that came with it. You should check out the documentary, it’s really cool”.

Prana is hoping to release one more single before the holidays but makes no promises. Her baby boy Archer, is keeping her busy alongside her new releases and star role. Prana is also an advocate for, The Starfish Foundation. The Starfish Foundation, was created to bring awareness to and provide resources for people who have suffered from childhood trauma. It helps to get kids out of bad situations and adults that are suffering from addiction due to trauma in their past. Check out the wonderful work of, The Starfish Foundation at, Make sure you follow Prana Songbird to stay up to date with her latest achievements and undeniable talent! Until Next Time...Stay Golden Team!

Advice from Prana Songbird

"Once you know that this is what you want, don’t think you have to do it alone. I didn't do anything on my own. You just need those 1-2 people in your life that will encourage, love, appreciate you. They are your team. You have to be there for them too and that makes a great team. Don't ever think you are on your own, you are never on your own out there. My husband and publicist have been amazing for my career over the last 2 years. They are hustling and helping me to get out [Marlene Palumbo].”

Fun Facts With Prana Songbird

  1. "I became such a different and happier person when I started performing. I thought I needed job security, but here I am.”

  2. "I finally admitted to my dad that I was singing in the room that day.”

  3. "I am a complete tomboy.”

  4. " I Like wearing comfy fuzzy things when I'm not performing. I love my husband's massive jedi robe.”

  5. "I dont get free time. I'm a mom. I just have one and that's all I need right now. He’s gonna be 4. He's my little man. He keeps me running. I am really fortunate that I have my parents right now so that I can have this conversation with you. In my free time, I just sing randomly around the house. I love to build lego levels with my son!”

  6. "I got my motorcycle endorsement during covid and became a motorcycle enthusiast. We ride all over the place on our motorcycles. We started riding last year during covid and I fell in love with it. Listen Like It’s Gospel, has footage of me on my bike. It was beautiful. It was perfect for that image of being on a good path. If you are gonna try to walk amongst angels you have to have a pretty fast beat.”

  7. "The one musician that I would love to work with would be Stevie Wonder. He is on all of my playlists. He is such an amazing singer and musician. I'm an old soul. There are some new cats like Bruno Mars but #1 is Stevie.”

  8. "I had always had a desire to be an actress.”

  9. "I have a degree but, I never went to school for music or entertainment, although I like the idea of the experience. I don't dwell long on what if. I love who I am. We adopted my son with a lot of prayer and faith. He was a fight to get. I know that if any one thing changed in my past, it could have completely disrupted my future. I love where I am now. I work with amazing people. Why wish for a difference? More school would have put me on a completely different path.”

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Publicist and Booking : Marlene Palumbo

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