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"Lifted Me,” With Valentina Cherico!

This is my song of inspiration and prayer for anyone who needs their spirits lifted. I think the simplistic message is timeless, and the Christmas season seems like the most fitting time to share it. I have always tried to be someone who lifts spirits and keeps my head up. 'Lifted Me,’ represents faith in a bright and hopeful future. I am devoted to delivering music with heart and purpose. ~ Valentina

Valentina Cherico is an eighteen-year-old singer, songwriter, model, and actress from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania who is starting her music journey with a bang! She blends Pop, R&B, and Gospel music like a G! In early December (2021), Valentina made her debut with the inspirational single titled "Lifted Me,” (NOW AVAILABLE via all digital retail outlets and streaming platforms). The track was written by her father [Mickey Cherico] and sister [Nicole Cherico-Becker] over 20 years ago! This beautiful song is co-produced by Mickey Cherico, Joe Munroe, and Robert Jason.

Although Valentina grew up watching her dad and sisters perform as the band "Casanovas,” Valentina would have never dreamed she’d be releasing her own music! She even attended Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School where she gave acting, modeling, and musical theatre a go! As you know, when your heart goes in one direction, you follow it. Valentina joined the family band which became, "Casanova and the Divas”! Valentina found her true passion as she began to write her own music. Mind you, this is only a little more than a year ago; Listen to this amazing performance!!!

Valentina's amazing talent led her to work with renowned music producers from New York to Nashville! She recorded the track "There’s No Stopping Me,” alongside GRAMMY NOMINATED & MULTI AWARD WINNING music producer, Roy Hamilton Ⅲ. Valentina continued; "In August of 2021, I released my first song. 'There’s No Stopping Me,’ is about overcoming abuse of all kinds. This is a song about empowering women and overcoming hardships. We need to support one another”.

Currently, Valentina is in the studio recording tracks for her 2022 waterfall series! This up and coming superstar artist plans to release another tune in February 2022. Make sure you keep an eye on all of her digital platforms. Valentina has such a sweet and kind spirit, including vocals that are mesmerizing! Her message is a message that we all need to hear! Follow Valentina

on all streaming platforms and continue to be inspired. Until Next Time…Stay Golden Team!

The music industry is hard. There are going to be more closed doors than opened ones. Rise above that and know, YOU are a baddie! Continue to believe in your dreams. ~ Valentina

Fun Facts with Valentina:

  1. "The background singers of 'Lifted Me,’ are my sisters.”

  2. "In my free time, I love going to the gym and binging on shows. Right now, I’m into Grey’s Anatomy.”

  3. "I love scary movies.”

  4. "If I could collaborate with anyone, it would have been with Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, or Prince. My inspirations are well…Whitney Houston, then Beyonce, and Selena Quintanilla. I really love that Selena is about empowering women. She has such a beautiful soul.”






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