"Let’s Talk Mental Health With, Quinn Teechma"!

Quinn Teechma is not only bringing awareness to mental health issues globally, you are also looking at a contestant for, Miss Canada 2020! This bombshell of a diva has seen loved ones struggle with #mentalhealth and is determined to help others in the same situation recover from #mentalhealth productively with, Let’s Talk Mental Health With Quinn Teechma! #mentalhealthawareness #februarysdog

Whose road really starts on Hollywood Boulevard? Growing up in Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island, Quinn speaks from experience. “Handouts aren’t real, you need to work as hard as you can and then, try even harder.”

As a young girl, Quinn remembers the moment she knew she wanted to pursue acting. “I pointed to Vancouver and told my mom I wanted to go there to act. Vancouver has one of the largest acting hubs (other than Toronto) and is only one ferry ride away. It took awhile but I convinced her to put me in acting classes. I studied under Adrian Hough who taught me so much.” When Quinn reached the age of 18, she flew to Los Angeles to attend CGTV classes under the infamous, Adrian R'Mante. She landed tons of major call backs yet, accepting an LA agent meant a move to LA. This was not a move Teechma was prepared to make.

Meanwhile, Quinn had committed to a relationship that had drained all of the spunk from her beautiful soul. A few years into their relationship, her boyfriend at the time was laid off from his job in the oilfield leaving Quinn as the sole supporter for the team. She cooked, cleaned, paid bills, and attempted to support his ever growing depression. She unknowingly submitted herself to the same mental health as her unemployed mate. Teechma realized she couldn’t help him until she helped herself. She moved into her own place in Calgary, Canada and began to focus on her own wellbeing.

“When you're with someone who is struggling, sometimes you don't know what they need for support. You are doing everything for them and you still have such a hopeless feeling. After the relationship ended, I occupied myself by taking on more to refocus my mind. I thought, the busier I am, the less time I’ll have to focus on negativity. That feeling gave me motivation and the feeling of accomplishment. I began to really focus on my photography business specializing in luxury boudoir. My mission is to show my perspective to women when they're struggling to see their beauty themselves. I specialize in posing women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. I want to uplift them and make them feel like total Queens. I am lucky that my job helps so many wonderful women in so many ways. Boudoir sessions aren't just photo-shoots, they're an experience"

While in Calgary, Quinn’s focus was on becoming the next cast member of the TV Series, Heartland. This dream was cut short by a well received and timely script from friend Paul Chinook, Producer of, February’s Dog. After reading the script she realized, her own life had been consumed by the mental health issues of those around her. Quinn had no intentions of ever having a role in the movie. As a photographer, she offered her services as a behind the scenes photographer. Paul rejected her offer and insisted she take the lead role as his wife, Emily. Elated by this offer, Quinn accepted the role and starred as Emily in, February’s Dog. After watching the trailer, you will know exactly why this was THE perfect timing for Quinn to be a part of, February’s Dog.

After filming was complete Quinn realized, “I have to continue this movement, I need to bring more awareness to mental health”. Let’s Talk Mental Health With Quinn Teechma, was the perfect platform for Teechma to help others as well as to bring awareness to mental health. Let’s Talk Mental Health With Quinn Teechma, highlights inspirational stories of success from those who have had a personal encounter with mental health issues.

Quinn Teechma’s hands have been in every pot imaginable. This dope human has a photography business, she is attending school to acquire her Bachelors of Arts, and she’s enrolled in a sign language course. Teechma also has a women's empowerment group on Facebook, she’s a freaking actor, and is a contestant for Miss Canada 2020! Quinn is going places folks and she’s down for the cause. Make sure you check out all of her accomplishments and follow her through her successful journey in life. Quinn’s talent is out of this world and her beauty well…you can see that inside and out. Be on the lookout for, Let’s talk Mental Health, on Roku Tv. You can also catch her previous episodes on YouTube. In Quinn’s words, “Set your own narrative, it’s your story so make it what you want it to be. Always remember, YOU are the main character of your life, start acting like it”! I have included all of her links below so feel free to check out her awesomeness at any time.

Don’t chu worry! Quinn has dropped a few tips for all aspiring actors.

  1. Get training and take classes. Invest in what you believe in. If you want to act, invest in classes.

  2. Take headshots. Everyone will want them so be prepared and have them with you.

  3. Know your monologue!

  4. Be ready. If you get a call, you need to be prepared for a possible departure.

  5. DON’T limit yourself. Your mindset is everything.

Healthy Mental Health Goals are great as well.

  1. Make new goals for yourself and write them out, even if one of your goals consists of brushing your teeth.

  2. Write your goals out checking them off as you accomplish them.

  3. Try goals that interest you, ones that you enjoy.

  4. Empower and lift up others. It’s the little things that count.

  5. Be available and in service at all times. You never know when someone might only need an ear.







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