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Let’s Party On The WKND, Aloha Style!

Kelandy Faustino Diaz was born in Honolulu, Hawaii surrounded by music and good vibes.

Kelandy was born to a family of music lovers. Kelandy’s mother was a dope singer/songwriter and Kelandy's Father, a singer in his younger years. Kelandy’s father soon realized, serving our country in the U.S Military would better suit a growing family. Thank you for your service Mr. Diaz! Being that the Diaz family was stationed all over the United States as well as overseas, allowed Kelandy to experience music from coast to coast. While living in Augusta, GA, Kelandy first felt how music could hit you deep inside your soul. The music scene of the 80’s and early 90’s would influence him forever.

“James Brown, who’s from Augusta, owned a few radio stations there. The biggest one back then was, WRDW, which played Soul, Funk, and Rhythm & Blues Tan Supreme. WBBQ, was also a big influence for the latest tunes. Augusta was a predominantly African American culture, this is the music I knew, this is the music I loved”.

Kelandy honed his vocal skills singing in the Church and School choir yet, in the mid 90’s, Kelandy’s love for music would take a different turn. The U.S Military had moved the Diaz family to paradise island...Honolulu, Hawaii.

“I went to Makalapa School on Oahu. This is the first time that I had heard of Reggae. This is when I really started to sing! I have always sang but, I really got into it while living in Hawaii”.

Although Kelandy’s Parents had wished for Law School for Kelandy, he knew what he wanted and it definitely had nothing to do with Law School.

Kelandy’s amazing charisma and talent earned him a spot as lead singer of the band, HANG 11. After time, Kelandy craved more than what he was currently doing so, he decided to take a slightly different road. Kelandy broke off from the band and began singing solo and in 2015, he then debuted his first single, Have A Little Faith. Have A Little Faith, was a hit ranking on Hawaii’s Radio, KCCN FM100, #1 list for three consecutive weeks!

Before Kelandy knew it, he was producing hit after hit ranking numbers to be proud of!

“My second single, All Love, debuted on the charts at #4”!

Kelandy’s third release, I Found You, featuring Josh Tatofi and FIJI, put this determined young man back on the charts reaching a #2 ,#3, and #4 spot on local Hawaiian Radio stations such as, KCCN FM 100, Island 98.5, and 93.1 Da Pa’ina.

Kelandy’s motivation and talent continued to take him to unimaginable heights. In 2016, Kelandy began to tour with Eli-Mac as an opening act for sold out shows. Kelandy was definitely in his happy place.

In 2018, Kelandy released his first EP Album named,Love Revolution”, Produced by Lapana Lareiko at Live Animaux Studios.

In 2019, The Party stayed lit as Kelandy prepared the biggest hit song of his career, Party On The WKND. Radio stations were extremely impressed as, Party On The WKND, topped Island Radio charts as #1.

Whatever your mood may be, I can guarantee that Kelandy’s tunes will make you want to get jiggy with it!

“We just wanna make music that people can move to”.

I have only mentioned a few of Kelandy’s dope tunes. Rest assured, he has many, many more #1 hits out there. Stranger, is one of those followed by, LIT and Adore. Check out his youtube page and subscribe. Support a braddah!

What’s next for Kelandy Diaz?

No Stopping Us, is being mastered now. I have an idea to send my song lyrics to my fans, have them lyric the song and send it to me. From there, we will edit the videos submitted to make a complete video of my fans singing”.

Kelandy is unstoppable and ready to conquer the unbelievable. Having known this special human for a few years, I can attest to his great big heart and passion for people. Support your Ohana (family) and until next time, Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank you very much)!

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