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Celebrity Slots with Peter Madrigal!

Updated: May 2, 2021

You may know Peter Madrigal from Vanderpump Rules, as the tall, handsome, long haired manager of, SUR (Sexy Unique Restaurant) located in West Hollywood, California. #petermadrigal #sur #vpr #game

Manager of SUR and creator of Peterific Slots
Peterific Slots with Peter Madrigal

Peter Madrigal is not just the studly Manager of SUR that happens to rocks at golf! Peter is also a director, producer, actor, and creator of "Peterific Slots”! If you’re wondering how he managed to gain such success, hold your britches and I’ll get right to it!

Born and raised as a true Texan, Peter grew up home-schooled in McAllen, Texas alongside his six brothers and one sister. Peter remembers where his inspiration for theater began.

“As a kid, I loved Star Wars! I grew up on films, we really didn't watch a whole lot of TV shows. In 1998, The Man In The Iron Mask, came out. I remember my parents were watching E News and they were showing behind the scenes clips with Leonardo Di Caprio. When I saw this, I was intrigued. My mom asked me, ‘Peter is this what you want to do, this kind of work?’ I told her yeah, but I was everywhere at that time. I wanted to be a lawyer (like my dad), a golfer, a football player, and do movies.”

“In 2002, I went to Blinn College in Brenham, Texas. I tried out for the football team and was accepted but after a while, I started to get burned out on playing football. One day I was in speech class and it just so happened, the teacher of the speech class was also the theater teacher, Mr. Bradley Nies. He asked if anyone would like to volunteer for the school play. I volunteered and just kept doing plays from there.”

Peter fled the Blinn College life, and transferred his credits to USC in L.A. He continued to pursue his dream of acting while attending school and graduated USC in 2008, while living in a two bedroom apartment with 5 roommates, the struggle was real! What Peter didn’t realize is that his life was about to take a whole new direction. Peter laughed as he recalled the irony of his career at SUR.

"In 2008, one of my roommates, Arthur Napiontek, who had just filmed Pineapple Express, asked me if I would like to apply for a busser job at the restaurant he worked for, Sur. On a separate day, Guillermo (GM/Business Partner at SUR) approached me as I worked at, Club Monaco Sunset, asking if I needed a job. He had an opening for a busser, perfect. I didn’t know they worked at the same place or where this opportunity would eventually take me. When I was walking up to SUR, I saw Guillermo, he was happy I was there to apply for the job. It wasn’t until then that I put two and two together. I was hired on the spot.”

Peter is now a busser, which only lasted for six months. He earned his way through the front of house becoming a server and eventually proved himself worthy of managing, SUR Restaurant And Lounge. While working at SUR, Peter continued to fine tune his acting, producing, and directing skills by making films such as, Bottom Of The Bottle, Oliver Short, Social Status #CasualEncounters, The First Step, Daddy’s Home, and his newest movie, The Raiven Destiny!

"One year later, I am at SUR, sitting at table 11 for a meeting. At the table is Lisa Vanderpump, Stassi, Jax...basically the original cast plus a few more. Lisa started the meeting explaining, Bravo really liked her on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and they would like to see a concept on a show with one of her restaurants. They asked all of us if we wanted to be a part of the show. Lisa interviewed me and we were pretty much cast that day.”

In 2011, the cast of, Vanderpump Rules, shot a teaser, (producers loved it) and contracts were signed and filming began in 2012.

"I had heard rumors of us actually getting the approval for VPR. I remember the day we found out, we were called into SUR for a meeting. Lisa is standing there with a bottle of Champagne and a big smile. Vanderpump Rules was happening.”

Peter has always had a creative mind. If you think he is just stopping with VPR, read up buttercup… he’s got his hands in all kinds of cookie jars! Peter has his own hair line called, Hairo. Peter’s hair is his signature look on VPR, so why not!

Peter Madrigal is co-owner of Smartreach Tech, a gaming and technology platform. Having had gaming experience, Peter and longtime friend as well as current manager, Chandler Rapson had a dandy idea. The dynamic duo formed Peterific Slots, which soon became, Celebrity Slots!

Peter and Chandler brainstormed over breakfast burritos to concoct the perfect next stage of Peter’s career.

"We were thinking of ways to maximize my Instagram followers. I thought it would be cool if we had some sort of app. At first it was starring me, but that soon evolved into bringing in celebrities as well. So during that time, I am working on Peterific Slots, while the other branch of the team is working on getting more influences for, Celebrity Slots. I don’t think a lot of people realize that I have a legit company, it is a lot of work! In 2019, we formed icons, bonus games and voice overs. We sent the app to all of my contacts on social media. The app so happened to launch on the finale of, Vanderpump Rules. I basically got 8,000 downloads, right away, it was awesome!”

Peterific Slots, is now included in the Celebrity Slots app which will soon be launched for your fun and enjoyment needs! You can and will actually win cash related prizes within the platform of your favorite celebrity!!! A few of the celebrities you can expect to see on, Celebrity Slots are Amber Rose, Jonathan Cheban, and Melissa and Joe Gorga. You can download Celebrity Slots, on google or apple play.

Celebrity Slots & Sweepstakes by Blingka Inc.

What’s next for Peter Madrigal you ask? Peter is currently sharpening his loan and mortgage skills in hopes to buy his perfect forever home...wisely. For all you lady bugs, he’s sharpening his abs too!

"During quarantine, I am working out like crazy. I have time to get my college body back.”

Peter has recently begun, Old Fashioned Modern Man, which focuses on the balance between old fashioned traditions versus today's modern man.

The Cast Of The Night Before Meets Seth Rogen, is hilarious! Seth Rogen, Anthony Mackie, Llana Glazer, and Jillian Bell meet the team of SUR. Seth Rogen and team want to become servers but that decision lies upon the team. Seth and his team, do whatever and whoever it takes to be a part of the SUR team. This is a must see, your life will be whole once you have seen the episode below.

You can also catch Peter Live, Monday thru Friday at 3:30 pm PST on Instagram and YouTube, don’t chu worry! Links are below.

Peter is a kind, hardworking, respectful man who is making his way through life one step at a time. Get yourself out there, meet people, and smile. Work hard, play hard, and enjoy life one frosty beverage at a time. If you happen to be in the West Hollywood area, stop by SUR. Make sure you have some goat cheese balls and a delicious beverage from the infamous SUR team!

Check out all of Peter’s sites and don’t forget to ..Stay Golden Team!

Amazing Photographer Credits go to Josh Klinect and Avis Wrentmore!

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