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Keeping Up With The Beats, Where Are They Now?

Making new music, editing videos, writing lyrics, creating beats, and landing on a billboard; What do all of these things have in common? The answer to this question is easy peasy. This is what your favorite artists have been up to since their last journey in Dive right in and devour the greatness that these up-and-coming artists have to offer. #music #newmusic #inspirational #newartist #musicmonday

Josh Kain

Josh is still making dope tunes while dominating the guitar like no other. Check out his newest edition called, Crashing In The Deep. I have also included a video of Josh’s shredding skills for your enjoyment. During quarantine, Kain continues to teach guitar lessons online to his students at the Federal Way School Of Music. While you're on his YouTube channel, check out his cover for Simple Man, it is breathtaking! In a few weeks you will be able to download Josh’s new single (title has not yet been released) so, keep your eye on this one! Why this young man is undiscovered is beyond me… he’s amazeballs!

Kelandy Diaz

During quarantine, Kelandy Diaz has been working in overdrive creating new tunes. Stranger and Juliette are his newest creations which show a very different and emotional side of Diaz. He continues to spread his aloha worldwide by writing and releasing new tunes consistently. Not only is this amazing human a dear friend of mine, Kelandy has an amazing heart and impeccable skills! He is going places fast, like race car status! Make sure you catch him live when the world of touring is available again! His spunk, aloha, personality, and determination will leave you a K-Fresh fan for life!

Shannon K.

Shannon K. has come across the country to bestow her angelic voice to the world. She has recently released two new songs named, Run and I Do. Shannon has such a sweet and loving personality which definitely comes to life in her music. I love watching this teen star progress as she spreads love and positivity globally. Shannon has made her debut as an actor in the movie The Big Feed as well as recently singing for three movies and a webseries in Bollywood. Shannon is coming up with a brand new podcast called, Get Real. "Get Real, will feature celebrities who will reveal the hardwork and pain behind their glamorous Hollywood lives. During the pandemic, Shannon continues to work on new music streamed on iTunes and Spotify. Hollywood to Bollywood, Shannon K is making moves!

Pharaoh 101

Pharaoh 101 has not stopped!!! He continues to create beats as he waits for the perfect moment to share them with the world. All of Pharaoh 101 jams have such deep emotion as he carefully places his heart and soul in every beat he records. New tunes are being created yet a release date remains a mystery. Pharaoh 101 continues to work and can't wait to release his new creations.

Nicky Bondz Vizion 2020


Sadly, Nicky Bondz has passed due to an underlying heart condition. He will be greatly missed as his spirit continues to bless us from the heavens above. The NGMG Group, released a statement on 10/10/2020 reading; “It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Nicky Bondz. Nick had an unmatched passion for life, especially surrounding his career in music and through his studies as a PHD candidate. Nick touched the lives of many, including his close family, friends, and fans. Just as his life was touched by his biggest supporters, we are heartbroken that these words are a reality but we know that Nick is in a perfect world, joined by his father and beloved grandmother. Nick's music will live on forever. 1990-2020. The sun knows its time for setting. You make darkness and it is night. Psalm 103”.

Nicky Bondz promised new tunes in his last journey and by golly, he delivered! Nicky left us a beautiful gift; Make sure you check out Black Light and Ride For Me Ft.Guaco. RIP Nicky, we know that you will continue to make an impact on lives from paradise! Such a precious life gone too soon.

Luke Mock

In Luke’s last journey, the video for Universe, had yet to be completed. Since then, he has not only completed his video but has released another heartfelt song named, Better! Luke is a young man with an amazing talent and skill. He places passion and determination in every song he writes. He continues to write and hopes to release something amazing for your ears super soon.

Ariel Levine

Spider In A Salt Shaker 10/22/2020

It’s been a minute since the last release from Ariel Levine. Hold onto your britches my friends, there is a new tune dropping soon! Spider In A Saltshaker, will be dropping on October 22,2020. I have included his platforms below to ensure you don’t miss out on this new arrival.

Alfred Howard

Spoken words and vinyl records are Alfred Howard’s specialty. Howard is legit, one of the best spoken word artists I know. After you watch his videos, hear his words, retain the meaning, and understand the heart, you will see exactly what I mean. The passion he expels in his lyrics are unparalleled. Alfred continues to write while performing again is still under consideration.