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Israel's Top Country Recording Artist, Omer Netzer!

"I remember playing with Mumford and Sons, when I stopped to look out at the crowd of people; I then knew who I was and THIS is what I was born to do. This is my roots; Music helps me to better understand who I am. 'Country Boy,' is the first single that I have released in the states; It’s so very important to me. To me, country music is all about family and love.”

As a singer/songwriter, producer, vocalist, and instrumentalist, Omer Netzer has played alongside icons such as Bon Jovi, Albert Lee, and Ryley Walker! Netzer is known for his sexy grit and soulful vocals with a side of beautiful blue eyes that are easy to get lost in! All the way from Israel, I give you, Country Boy by Omer Netzer!

"I grew up in a small village with horses and...everything. When I became famous here, people would say that I was just a small country boy from the north. I didn't understand why they would say that. Did that mean that I’m not good enough for them? I later got into pop rock. I was playing with Mumford & Sons, when I stopped to look at the fans and crowd of people. I then knew who I was. This is my roots, this is my way to understand who I am. My first country song was 'Whiskey,’ followed by 'Honky Tonk,’ and 'Country Boy,’ released in

Israel and the U.S. 'Country Boy’ is my first release in the states.”

Omer shared his journey as he developed from a happy kid in a music store to Israel's Country Music sensation! "I grew up in a small village in Israel where my parents have had a music store for over 40 years. I taught myself how to play the drums at 6 yrs old, later learning to play the guitar. I remember listening to Eric Clapton when I was 10 years old and thinking; 'I want to be like that.’ I would study after school while listening to him. Clapton was definitely my musical inspiration.”

"By the age of 16, I started doing jamming sessions and when I was 18, I started to write my own stuff. In Israel, you have to be in the army so, I served 3 years and then stopped to do music. I began to work on my first album when I was only 21 years old releasing 'Goodbye Song,' which became a hit. I played for Overlook in Russia and got 'Artist of the Year!’”

On top of all of this, his next album entitled, Sweet Mistake was making waves throughout Israel. He was blessed to play his next sensation entitled Troublemaker, at the Sziget Festival. Troublemaker, became the soundtrack for the festival's digital campaigns. His next amazing song titled, I Can’t Stand It, earned Omer "Video of the Year," at the Catharsis International Film Festival in Belgium!

Omer was on a mission! In 2019, he graced the stage of the infamous Blues Festival in Memphis and by the age of 23, He was performing in New York at the one and only, B.B. King Blues Club! He was winning award after award for his amazing talent and no one or nothing could step in his way! He is a determined young soul with everything you could want in an artist! On top of all of his dope accomplishments, Omer is scheduled to release his next single entitled, Drunk very soon explaining; "This next song is everything to me. 'Drunk,’ is about the moment when you're told, I don't love you anymore. This song is about family and how you matter”!

Omer is not only a wonderful and amazing artist, he is very proud to announce his devotion to God explaining; "I have got a gift from God and I am using it”. Make your dreams come true. Stay humble to who you are. Follow your dreams and don't ever let anyone tell you that you are not capable. Country Boy, is out NOW on all streaming platforms! Make sure to keep your ears open for more "Omer Netzer,” music coming soon! I made it easy, breezy, beautiful for you with links included. Until next time…Stay Golden Team!

Omer’s Advice for New Artists:

"Believe in yourself and others will believe in you too. People will tell you no, you’re not good enough. Don't let this stop you, use your belief to make you stronger and people will follow you.”

Omer Netzer Fun Facts:

  1. "When a song is released, I am always looking forward, I don't look at numbers or stream counts.”

  2. "My mom still comes to all my shows.”

  3. "I love crossfit. When I'm not playing, I'm doing crossfit. Crossfit Mayhem trains with me.”

  4. "My dog's name is 'Dale’. He is a German Shepherd and my best friend.”

  5. "My goal is to be known as the first globally renowned country artist who is Israelian. I just want to play and for people to feel the way I felt when I wrote these songs.”

  6. "I just want to inspire others.”

  7. "I plan to move to Nashville soon.”

Connect with Omer Netzer

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Management: Sean Netzer

Press Contact: Kat Atwood

Label: Music City Media

Photo Credit: Andy Evinger Photography

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