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"If You Wanna Get It,” By Johnny The Third

"With my music, I want to bring people together. I want people to feel like they are on a beach, on a Saturday night, wearing a hoodie and just vibin’ with friends. I believe music can move the soul and my goal is to write music that inspires positive change.” #music #love #musician

"I wrote If You Wanna Get It, after this dredging relationship that I was in. This song talks about how I went through this time in my life and how I don't wanna do that again. If you wanna get with me, here are some ground rules and guidelines to a healthy relationship with me. I have been through this before and I'm not doing this again. I built these walls up for a reason.”

"My journey into music began at about 7 years old, while living in Japan. My parents wanted me to get into music, so they got me a piano and piano lessons. By the age of 13, I had an inkling to play the guitar. I asked my parents for one and they bought me a cheap fifty dollar one that you can't even tune. The one that you try to tune and all the strings pop, yeah, that kind [lol]. For my 14th birthday, my uncle bought me my first real classical guitar. After that, I could never let it go. I took it and played it everywhere I went. I didn't think I had a voice at all, so my sister sang while I played.”

Johnny’s inspiration into his musical journey began with icons such as Jason Mraz, Coldplay, and Twenty-One Pilots. As a military kid, he learned to adapt to his surroundings, making the best he could out of every situation. He never stopped giving up on his dream.

"My first songs were about animals and love. I wrote it like. I see a monkey in a tree, I see a bird that flies above the sea, but I have never had anyone that loved me. Those were like the lyrics [love his giggles]. It was a great visual though. It was cute and people loved it.”

"While in the ninth grade, we were living in Virginia. I took a band class there and those guys treated me like shit. I was the new kid who was playing a loud tenor sax. They didn't like that I played so loud.” Johnny eventually quit the band yet continued to play his home. He and his big sister found coffee shops who participated in open mic nights. At this point, people began to notice the talent that these siblings had.

"By the age of 16-17, we would sing a song or two for family and friends to test the waters. We got mixed reactions like; You're so great at guitar. I didn't ask but thought; What about my voice? I took that as I needed to work harder. I wanted to be a singer and a guitar player. Everything was like, I needed to be like Jason Mraz. My favorite song by him is, You And I Both. I started singing and realized that I had a gift. I have a different voice; I can reach different ranges. I can go low but it was hard for me to reach Jasons’ high range. I realized that I can’t sing like him, so I started writing my own songs that I could sing to.”

Johnny graduated from high school and went off to college. He attended Old Dominion University, in Virginia and in 2019, graduated from UH West, in Hawaii. Johnny continued; "The biggest impact of my life was moving to Hawaii. I was the fresh kid off the block. Music is soul and life. I was just this kid who wanted to make it. I was a server for 6 years, and the owner found out that I played music. He asked me to play at his father's funeral. He was going to pay me $500 for 6-7 songs. I couldn't believe that I could get paid that much. Then I met you and started playing 6-8 times more a month. Gigging started with you (what… me!!!) and the locals who gave me a chance. Before you, I played like 3-4 gigs a month. My mindset changed when people stopped looking at me as a kid who plays music to, I’m a musician”.

"There’s not really a busking scene in Hawaii. I didn't have a clue, so I would go to these sketchy areas and play at bus stops. People were coming up to me and giving me ten and twenty dollar bills; I was in shock. I got a lot of my gigs because of my gigs with you. Getting paid that much money for a 2 hour show in a restaurant was amazing and I took that seriously. When I got a steady gig, it was a different animal. I knew that I needed to make this happen. I didn't want to serve anymore, I just wanted to do my own thing, so I put my mind to it and made it happen. ”

Johnny is a determined young man with a world of opportunities before him. He has a voice that you won’t ever forget, so make sure to check out his youtube channel and platforms for more greatness by, Johnny The Third! Never give up, your opportunity is right around the corner. Until Next Time...Stay Golden Team!

Goals: "I am recording a 7 song album [in the works with a single included in it]. I am recording now in the studio with one of Hawaii's best producers, Leslie "Bimwala” Ludiazo. He produces so much on the radio. I have never asked for help because it's hard to trust someone with your artwork. I asked him to help me and his response was, I got you bro. I have had this song for 6 years. I want to name my next album, Letting Go. I have let go of and this album represents that. My life has changed. I have changed my habits and myself for the better. Release date is tbd, but the production is in the process now. It's a really long process. Even promoting it is a long process.”

Advise: "Get good at the craft, get really good, the best that you can. If you get an opportunity, and this is what you want for your life, take that opportunity. When you interviewed me, I didn't even bring my guitar and look at what became of it. Use discernment. Every gig is a learning experience. Don't be fooled by the audience. If people look like they arent engaged, don't be discouraged by that. Master your craft, they can hear you. Keep going.”

Fun Facts:

  1. "I have a scar on the inside of my thigh. I slipped on a branch when I was climbing a tree and a branch went through my leg. I could see tissue and I walked up to my mom and asked if it was bad. My mom freaked out, but I thought it was cool.”

  2. "I like to surf.”

  3. "I’m a momma's boy.”

  4. "My favorite place to live is Hawaii.”

  5. "I lived in Japan from ages 3-13. I went to an American military school. I know some Japanese, but If I went to a Japanese school, I would be mad fluent in Japanese. My mom speaks it fluently though.”

  6. "I am very picky on where I play. I need to make a difference where I play.”

  7. "I hate getting shots.”

  8. "People may never hear the songs I have now, I might release something different.”

  9. "I put out a lot of songs and then took them all down. I re-branded myself. Without a brand or identity, people don't care unless they are huge fans. I needed to come up with who I am. I am the third Johnny in my family. I couldn't just be Johnny, so I had to come out with something different. It was catchy and has a number in it.”

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