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The Man, The Music, The Message, And His Resurrection!

Updated: May 12, 2021

Attention all artists! AOM is scheduled to launch soon! IAM Versatile has thought of you by creating, "America's Original Music”! #music #art #film #series #injustice #overlooked

"I want to be able to reach people all over the world. That's one of the reasons I created, America's Original Music (AOM). This platform is for new and unknown artists; It's a win win win for everyone.”

Carl L. Ferrell, aka IAM Versatile, began his musical career as a kid living on the streets of D.C at the age of 13. He had always been involved in music in some capacity, yet it was a teacher who made him realize his talent was a true gift. "Mankind is not defined by the education and riches he acquires, but for the knowledge and wisdom he inherits in life." IAMV

"I got in trouble at school all the time, yet singing was my way to the world. One day at school, playing the piano and singing, just doing my thing. My teacher was standing at the front door of the class crying. I went up to her thinking that I was really in trouble this time. I asked her what was wrong and she said, Wow, you have a voice. What are you doing? It was then that I realized I had a gift. I began to sing a myself. I eventually joined a band called, Tu Sharp. We did extremely well making it all the way to Apollo. My advancement in music is due to my determination. Even when others give up on you, God never will.”

In 2008, IAM Versatile had honed in on his gifts producing 5 groups including Versatile, with the plan to release all projects at the same time. His successful meeting with Telefutura TV, in DC on their interest in Versatile's America's Original Music, production stating; "We are in the Versatile business". Versatile's movie offers and more came that year. Then the 2008 crash came and all productions came to a halt. Versatile recalled this time in his life; "My trials and tribulations that came upon me, yet with faith I endured, caring more for those in my life, those that upon tribulation that turned their backs on me. God's Resurrection brought me from death to life"!

"When I choose an artist, I listen to everything; I listen to sounds, and their versatility. You will hear a lot of those sounds on my next track, I’m a Rider, featuring African, IAM Versatile Records artist, Omo Phola. I’m A Rider, is planned to drop at the end of May or 3rd week of June. I’m A Rider, talks about the greatness of a people that have endured adversity and oppression for hundreds years. This song was created to exhort my people, while encouraging the world. God is my inspiration; I am also inspired by people. I know what it's like to have a lot, and I know what it's like to have nothing. I write the stories of life through music and inspiration to the flock of the world. Some of my songs are 13-14 years old, but the messages never dated, they still resonate with the times of today. IAM Versatile Records artist, Karina Mendez, is a talented artist that I am currently working with. Her story really touched me and touched my life. You will see that in her song called, I Swear, displays God's mercy, saving her from attempting suicide. I Swear is available now on all platforms.”

IAMV recognizes the injustice happening in today's society and has taken action by creating a series entitled, Overlooked Justice. IAMV explained; "God has brought me this gift to deliver to the world, to display the parables of life, that we as people may use wisdom and knowledge to discern. Displaying the injustice in the rule of law, where some laws have been created to validate sin. Overlooked Justice, will add a new voice for the people, Creating Common Sense Conversation For Change. OLJ, episodes will display true stories of the crimes and injustice in our society, while those in power continue creating laws, while some laws have programmed the world to accept the abuse and injustice against a certain people. This abuse, this injustice, this crime against humanity suffered for centuries. If the color of a certain people came to the mind of the reader, then yes you have been programmed".

IAMV is also the incredible host of Your Story Matters, at the Indie Film Festival! Check out this shout out from Grammy & Multi-Platinum Producer, Victor Merritt. Victor has worked with icons such as Michael Jackson, Babyface, Mary J Blige, and Brownstone!

Victor Merritt speaks on AOM and IAM Versatile:

IAM Versatile is also the CEO and Director of Marketing in the US for the engineering firm, Genie Aerospace and Skycycle [futuristic vehicle technology and green living]. IAMV explained; "This was a gift. Robert Christ has been following me and reading my writings. He could see my heart for humanity. He wrote a letter to the leaders of the world regarding climate change and I sent it to AOC Cortez. Hopefully she gets a chance to read it. I'm just a guy that God had mercy on and I'm proud to be a part of this. I want to be a tool for the world with the resources God has given me”.

As you can see, IAM Versatile is a man who knows that God is in control of everything. He is doing his part in this cold vicious world to make sure justice is served while spreading a message through his music, worldwide. Visit his website and follow IAM Versatile to learn more and help spread positivity and inspiration to all. AOM, will be up and running soon so make sure all you artists get in on that action. Until Next Time...Stay Golden Team!

IAM Versatile performing in the lead role in the upcoming series, "Priceless".

Inside The Mind of IAMV

"Upon the 2008 crash, I put my career on hold for a while to spend time with my kids. I thank God for that time and the tribulations that separated me from the idols of this world. People talk about injustice, yet most agree from the shadows without lifting their voices in public, yet their voice becomes loud when they suffer injustice. My faith was always with me from the time I left home at 13, I have never read the bible regularly until my trial and tribulation. Yet, the scriptures God led me to were the reflections of my life, my writings, and his confirmations for me to do his will. Gods Word: Ezekiel 20."

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