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"I Was Known As The Enforcer"

"Before I became an actor, I was one of the worst of the worst. I was known as the enforcer. If I knocked on your door, it was a bad surprise." ~ Michael Ochotorena #movies #movie #film

This is the story of how one amazing human conquered more than he ever thought he could. He changed his life with the help of one very powerful, majestic, and healing man. Michael Ochotorena has an unbelievable story to share!

"I went from cocaine, to heroin, to speed balling. I did home invasions, even ripping off my own grandmother. My mom and grandma continued to pray for me hoping that one day I would change.”

"I was born in Tucson, Arizona and raised in San Bernardino, CA. I didn’t have a father figure. My father chose women, parties, and drugs over me and my sister. I grew up with a lot of anger and hate. I joined South Side Crips at a young age, learning gang life and life as a criminal. I got busted in 7th grade for selling drugs while spending most of my time in juvie learning to become a better criminal.”

"When I got out, I started selling drugs. Of course, I got caught again and this time, did some years in prison. In prison, I became part of the Mexican Mafia and did some horrible things. I did stuff I thought I couldn’t be forgiven for. Prison made me racist. In prison you are separated by race. I was a bitter hateful person. All I cared about was selling drugs.”

"In my early 30’s, I had two heart attacks and an overdose. My friends left me in the alley for dead. Those people you think are your friends, or have your back... they will always choose themselves first. When I had my son, I vowed never to be like my dad but, I was just like my dad."

"I was taking my son to school one day and saw my future [now] wife. She was beautiful! I tried talking to her, you see, I was used to getting what I wanted. This was the first time in my life I was told NO and a woman ran away from me. Some people may call it stalking, I call it persistence, and continued trying to talk to her. It finally worked and I won her over. When we started dating she said that, if I was going to be with her and her kids, I had to have God in my life.”

"I didn't go to church, that was scary for me. When the tattoo scary guy comes to the church they always want to usher you to the front to save your soul. I couldn't hide, or go to sleep. What I heard this day, was a story of a God who shed his blood and gave his life for people that weren't even born yet. He offers forgiveness, grace, and mercy for people in society that wouldn't be given a second chance. This God gives infinity chances!!! When I heard that, I knew what true love was. It was the best message I had heard in my life. I wanted more. I continued going to church and eventually became a family man. I have the best relationship with my kids and family than I ever have had before. And then something funny happened. I became a minister.”

"When I got into movies, people wanted to know who this actor is that went from a criminal to an actor who is in everything. Today, I have opened my own church and homeless ministry, catering to those who society claims are undesirable. In God's eyes we are all his children. We feed the homeless, offer prayer, and hygienics to those in need. I don't care where you came from or what you are going through, we are all God's children.”

"I have a co-pastor that helps me when I am traveling. He is also the director of one of the movies I'm in. I was always a taker and now I’m a giver, it’s the best feeling in the world. I have partnered with director Gary Lee Vincent, who I’ve worked with previously to create, John Light. John Light is the #1 movie right now on Pureflix. We make faith based movies under our own company, Burning Bulb Publishing. These movies include real situations like human trafficking, prostitution, drugs, and abuse. I’m just trying to do stuff that honors God and builds his team. I am happy that I’m playing for the winning team now.”

"A few months ago, I was shooting a movie in Texas when I was offered a professional wrestling gig. I entered wrestling at the age of 43 so, I don't recover as well as the 20 yr olds [lol]. It's [wrestling] another avenue to spread the word that Jesus is a good and forcing god. I will always spread my testimony. I am happy that God gave me a second chance to amend for all the wrongs I have done in my life. I took that leap of faith. When you use drugs, you always chase that first high; It’s always more, and more, and more. When I wake up now, with Jesus and love in my heart, I wake up with a high that no drug will ever touch. Nothing frightened me once I felt that love, I feel it from my head to my toes. I want to see people feel the same way I felt when I met the Lord. I am doing that through speaking, acting, wrestling, and movies. I am a walking testimony that people can change.”

"If God can make a donkey talk, he can certainly reach people through unconventional ways. For many years, I felt as though I couldn't be forgiven, I was a horrible person that hurt many, many people. I did some horrible things and all I can do is tell people that there is another way.”

As you can see, Ocho has not only accomplished more than 150 movies and Tv shows; He has gained a whole new life. When he thought that there was no hope, no forgiveness, and no future, God showed him a whole new life. There is hope team. Pursue your dreams, tackle those goals, and make yourself a better you! Offer yourself to help those in need those that are in the same place you were not too long ago. Be kind, Have Faith, and Until Next Time… Stay Golden Team!

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