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I Spent Two Nights With, "The Band Camino”!!!

About six months ago I decided to give a band a listen after hearing tons of people talk about how obsessed they were with them. Little did I know that I would fall absolutely in love with them; That band is, The Band Camino.

On April 8th and 9th, I had the opportunity to see The Band Camino, for two unforgettable nights in a row. I have been lucky enough to have seen plenty of artists perform in my life and I can honestly say, none quite compare to them.

This tour, which is being referred to as The Tour Camino, marks the first headline tour for the band since 2019. It started all the way in Kentucky and is supposed to finish in Philadelphia, but I attended their shows in L.A. and Santa Ana.

I usually just buy myself standard GA tickets for concerts, and I did for the first show in L.A. at The Novo, but for the second show in Santa Ana at The Observatory, I actually had a VIP ticket, which was given to me by a friend of mine. Their VIP tickets come in three tiers and I had the second, which included a VIP laminate, an exclusive shirt, early access into the venue, a discount on their merch and an acoustic set. For their acoustic set, The Band Camino played four songs, which were "Never A Good Time,” "Berenstein,” "Crying Over You,” and "See Through.” My favorite song of theirs is "Berenstein”. It’s such a beautiful song and hearing it live was unbelievable.

The Band Camino, started off their set with "Know It All,” a song from their latest album The Band Camino, that was released in September.

After their opening song, they played another track off of their latest album called "Roses,” which is probably one of my favorite performances of the night. Jeffery Jordan, sang vocals absolutely blew me away. If there was anyone that was born to perform, he definitely was because he has such incredible stage presence.

Originally when I started listening to The Band Camino, the song that hooked me was, "I Think I Like You.” It’s such a fun song and it was just as fun live. Spencer Stewart, sang the vocals for this song and had so much fun with it. As someone in the audience, you can’t help but do the same.

Both nights I saw them, I was lucky enough to hear a song they haven’t played very often on this tour, which was "Hush Hush” and it was such a good song, especially live!

My favorite song performed was definitely "See Through”. It’s just one of those songs where you have to dance, jump, and scream the lyrics. I just remember being so sweaty and exhausted after that song, that’s how much fun it was!

The Band Camino finished off their set with "Daphne Blue,” a fan favorite from their first album Tryhard. It was a great song to finish off both nights with.

The day after my second show was filled with lots of sadness and exhaustion. I know I saw them just a couple of days ago, but I really miss them. I highly recommend seeing The Band Camino live. If you ever have the opportunity to see them live, you have to! There is nothing like a The Band Camino concert. Seriously, check them out on tour!

The band is composed of members Jeffery Jordan on vocals and guitar, Spencer Stewart on vocals and guitar, and Garrison Burgess on drums and bass.

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