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"I’m A Rider,” by Afro Beat Artist, Omo Pholo!

Omo Phola has come all the way from South Africa to drop the dopest of afro beats! Omo is best known for amazing hits like, Show Me Love, My Zulu Baby, and Mummy I Love You, with his newest perfection, I’m A Rider, as one of the best yet! #music #newmusic #afrobeat

"If you cut my veins, music would come out of them. Music chose me and it gives me so much joy.” ~ Omo Phola

It wasn’t until later in life when Omo realized the special gift that he had, explaining; "I would sing in the car with my friends. One day, my friends asked me why I didn’t take music seriously. They told me that I am talented and need to do something with it [my talent]. So at about 17-18 years old, I went to my first studio session. It came out really nice, and I just kept doing it.”

His journey wasn’t always butterflies and rainbows; Omo hustled on the streets of South Africa to ensure his dream would become his reality. "Nothing comes easy. There were definitely some struggles but my persistence came through. I would sing wherever I could, handing out my music on the streets.” Omo continued; "I had no funds to push my first song, so I really had to hustle to make it happen. I was able to push out more singles and make a name for myself”.

Making a name for himself is just what he did! Omo released hit after hit gaining notoriety by the second. He found himself on televisions and radio stations all over Africa, highlighting his newest single entitled, "African Beauty”! "African Beauty,” placed Omo in the top 20 singers of South Africa!

"African Beauty, celebrates the beauty of a woman. Women are precious jewels and women make everything more beautiful. My next single was called, Show Me Love. Show Me Love, shows others how to show love. Show Me Love, made the top 20 on Chicago radio stations, it was crazy man. All of this has just been so crazy!”

Phola continued to hustle as an independent artist writing all of his songs himself as well as producing his own music videos. He was bound and determined to make his musical dreams a reality, all while staying humbled to his roots. He booked a tour and was ready to begin his lifelong dream until...Covid showed its ugly face. All of his stateside concerts were cancelled yet, Omo kept pushing. He wasn’t about to lay down and give up on his dreams. He pushed through quarantine like a champ and recorded another single entitled, "I’m A Rider”! "I’m a Rider,” is scheduled to drop soon on all digital platforms!

Omo is not stopping with music! You will soon see him starring in Overlooked Justice! Creator IAM Versatile explained; "Overlooked Justice, adds a new voice to abuse and corruption by creating voices for the upcoming U.S Presidential Election, our current health crisis, and more. OLJ, episodes will highlight the continued crimes of injustice while those in power continue creating laws, some laws that have programmed the world to accept the abuse against certain people. This abuse, this injustice, this crime against humanity suffered for centuries”.

Make sure you follow Omo Phola on his amazing journey through music and television as he provides inspiration to all in his path. "I’m A Rider,” is scheduled to release soon so follow Omo to stay up to date with his newest releases and debuts! Until Next Time...Stay Golden Team!

Fun Facts With Omo Phola!

  1. "I am from the city of Wakanda.”

  2. "In my downtime, I like to watch movies, play games, write songs, and go clubbing.”

  3. "I love people and I love music.”

  4. "My inspiration is in all musicians. I like to listen to other singers to improve myself.”

  5. "I had never sung in front of my mom. She is so happy that I chose music.”

Inspirational Advice for Musicians:

"Life isn’t easy, you have to fight! Be nice to each other because one cannot stand alone. Together we will take this world by surprise. My story has just begun so stay tuned! Follow me on social media and I will make sure to follow you back.”

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Label: IAM Versatile Records

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