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Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a day to celebrate the person who you consider, Mom.

When I am being irrational or moody, bet your pretty penny these two will put me in check real quick!

When I am sad or just need a little mommy love, they are the first ones to pick up the phone! These two are THE strongest women I know.

Believe it or not, moms are smart, even when you are 16 years old and you know it all!

I remember being young and knowing, I can conquer the world without my mom. It wasn’t until I started having children, paying “real” bills, and dealing with life that I realized, she knows what's up, maybe I do need her! My mom has been there for me when I had no one! Every time I would fall, (still a current issue) my mom had a never ending supply of “monkey blood” to heal my wounds. When a dumb mosquito or ant would attack my inner soul, a spray of, Odyssey perfume on my bite followed by kisses would heal all destruction! My mom still has the perfect prayers during times of need to put my heart at peace. My mother is my absolute world!

My mother in law is literally THE BEST. Yes, I really do like her! She tells me when I am wrong, listens to me cry, and is always the first to say, “I love you”, before ending the call. Let's not dismiss the fact that this woman can throw down in the kitchen! She makes my favorite food every time I visit. I can confide in her as I do my own mother. I am blessed to have such a caring and loving mom-n-law in my life.

There are several fathers, I'm sorry, daddy’s out there playing both roles. To those of you doing this solo, you are one strong home skillet! I commend you for being both a mom and a dad. Life’s obstacles can and will be challenging, it’s how you overcome the obstacle course that matters. Keep on swimming Dory's, your babies will admire you for being so strong! Be the rock that your mom taught you how to be. Chances are, if the other party isn't involved, it is for the best. You are amazingly strong humans, please never forget that!

Love hard, live harder, let your hair down, or just shave it all off, but most of all, stay freaking golden! Love your moms and dads, you only get them once. Answer those annoying texts and respond to the corny shiz they send you. One day, you are going to miss the love that only they can offer you. Appreciate and love your momma's and papa's today and everyday! All the ladies below are just a few that are close to my heart. They have held my hand and wiped my tears for years! You are the MVP's, you are amazing, and you have molded me into what I am today! I love you, Happy Mothers Day!

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