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Grayscale at The Glass House

The lights went out as they usually do right before the band comes on stage and my heart is racing thinking about how I’m about to see one of my favorite bands in person. Soon enough, pink and white lights illuminate the venue; and just as the band is about to walk on stage, I hear the words, "Welcome to Umbra,” and the crowd cheers.

About a week ago, on Nov. 17, I was able to see one of my favorite bands live for the first time, and that band was Grayscale. The show was just a small part of their current tour across the United States where they are performing their newest album, "Umbra,” in full for the first and only time, or so they say. Their Pomona date at the Glass House was a special one, however, because not only were they live streaming the show, but they had the Compton Kidz Club, a local youth group, as a special guest throughout their set.

To start off their set for the night, Grayscale began with the song "Without You,” the first track off of "Umbra,” which they brought the Compton Kidz Club on stage to perform with them. It was chilling to hear the band perform that song with a full choir in the background. After listening to that song for the last few months with a choir on the studio version, then to hear it live with a real choir was absolutely unreal.

One of the songs from their latest album, "Motown,” is a fan favorite off the album and was so much fun to hear live. But of course considering it’s more sexual nature, the lead singer started off the song by saying, "Come on you horndogs.” The moment made me laugh at the time, but the song was just as good live as I imagined it would be.

The Compton Kidz Club joined the band for two other songs on Grayscale’s set, one of them being "Live Again.” The song is a particularly emotional one, which the lead singer Collin made sure to acknowledge he wrote about his dad. The accompaniment of the choir during the live performance made the lyrics feel so much more powerful and heartbreaking.

The band finished off playing their album in full with the last track, "Light.” Two fans that attended the show put together a small fan project for this song in particular where they provided small white cut out hearts to others in attendance to place in front of their flashlights while Grayscale performed the song. It was a really cool idea and it was so much fun to participate in.

Though Grayscale is playing their newest album in full for this tour, they also played some familiar favorites off of their older records, like "Atlantic,” which they closed out their show with.

Overall, I had a really great time at their show; and though I’m biased because they are one of my favorite bands, they put on an amazing live performance. It was so cool to be a part of their special live streamed concert and to hear some songs off of their new album with a real choir, it really made the night one to remember. I will absolutely be seeing Grayscale again in the future, and I can’t wait!

Grayscale is composed of members Collin Walsh as lead vocalist; Andrew Kyne as lead guitar and backup vocalist; Nick Ventimiglia as bass guitar; Dallas Molster as rhythm guitar, backup vocalist, and keyboard; and Nick Veno as drums and percussion.

Grayscale’s third and latest album "Umbra” was released on Aug. 27. The band is currently still on tour, you should all definitely check them out if they’re coming to a city near you!

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