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"Girl From San Francisco"

Scott Lucille met his dear friend, Jennifer O’Toole in a singer/songwriter group. The duo have created a few beautiful and poetic songs, their newest entitled, Girl From San Francisco, scheduled for release mid November!

Scott and Jenny's amazing team work began during the evolution of Lucille’s first song, I’m No Weatherman. Scott explained the inspiration for his next single, Girl From San Francisco. "In 2020, I teamed up with fabulous poet Jennifer, and began writing 'I’m No Weatherman’. 'I’m No Weatherman,’ was to be my first release on Spotify. 'Girl From San Francisco,’ is inspired by Jenny. This song has some of Jenny’s lyrics and all of her inspiration. I truly appreciate her.”

Scott Lucille is a soulful singer/songwriter, podcaster, music producer, and guitar teacher from Bangkok,Thailand, who is making waves throughout Europe and Asia! Born in England, his musical inspiration included his fathers variety of Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan.

"I started playing music when I was like 17 and took it seriously when I was 18. I literally picked up a guitar because I wanted to move away from England. I have an obsessive personality; I don't watch a lot of TV or anything, so I would just play all the time. My mum has always owned pubs, she currently has one in England, so I started playing in my mum's pub. I would play cover songs from the 90’s and 2000’s pop rock era. Music has helped me to deal with people and grow a thicker skin. I just love gigging, it’s the best thing in the world.”

In 2012, Scott packed up his shiz and moved to Koh Samui Island. In 2015, he was finally able to make the move he had always dreamt of. He moved to Bangkok in order to pursue his ultimate dream of becoming a musician! He had written over 50 songs and began to book gigs performing personal songs vs covers, admitting; "Gigging gave me the practice that I needed”.

Scott had a private and exclusive array of songs, but was just too hesitant on making them known. His regret motivated him when Covid forced him indoors, stuck in England, and alone with his thoughts admitting; "For 4-5 years, I second guessed myself. I should have just got it out there. I should have done this long ago”.

"I miss playing for people more than anything in the world. I’m doing online shows but it's not the same. After releasing 'Girl From San Francisco,’ I have 3 more songs on the horizon. I am doing a lot these days. I’m currently working with a DJ and have plans to release one song every month. I try to write happy songs but it's not me; I always go back to the suicidal side [lol]. I am teaching guitar lessons [Udemy] to all age groups. I have a Podcast called, SPM Sessions, and I teamed up with SAFO Music Group and Denis Gajetic to continue producing, releasing, and promoting my music. I have released several songs under their label and continue to work with them on more songs.”

"I have a message for my fans; I can see where you are and I appreciate you! I want to travel to the places where I have the most hits on spotify playlists like Buffalo, Dallas, Chicago, and New York. I want to focus more on my fan base. I will be playing in those places soon.”

Make sure to check out Blues From Lockdown, performed by Scott during the peak of the Covid lockdown in Bangkok. Scott has such an amazing soul full of inspiration. He understands the grit it takes to make it in the big world of music and strives to just make one person's day a little brighter. Lucille stated; "Work hard and then you get a break. Do something constructive, play, and practice all you works”. Don't forget to be on the lookout for Girl From San Francisco, releasing in mid November, Missed Call, releasing in December, and I Won't Let You Down, in early 2022! One song a month is Scott’s goal and he is sticking to it! Don’t give up home skillet biscuits and Until Next Time…Stay Golden Team!

Lucille’s Words Of Wisdom:

"As Ed Sheeran says, 'If you put 10K hours into anything you do, you will be brilliant’.”

Fun Facts with Scott Lucille:

  1. "I have a board of goals.”

  2. "I’ve been single for 15 years.”

  3. "I love animals more than humans.”

  4. "I love football. No American football but English soccer. I really enjoy all sports and I really like to cook.”

  5. "I know basic Hebrew and am learning Thai.”

  6. "My favorite artist is Bob Dylan because he is very simple and writes simple lyrics. That is part of the reason that music became more of an obsession for me. Landing on country was a happy accident caused by my favorite country artist, Johnny Cash.”

  7. "Bob Dylan is everything. He keeps things simple, and makes it work.”

  8. "I play the guitar, harmonica and some piano.”

  9. "I don't like social media. I had been pushing radio which made me more comfortable with social media. I have been getting more organic followers that way.”

Connect With Scott Lucille:

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