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From Athlete To Actor!

"We all have different gifts. Society tries to tell us to suppress that gift or passion, and it stifles your life. You may have been told no or whatever it is but, I am here to encourage you to pursue your passion. I have quit jobs that didn’t allow me to pursue my passion. There is nothing like being able to perform, it's therapeutic for me. It's everything I needed and didn't even know. As long as I'm being fed artistically, that is enough for me.” ~ Jonavan Adams #actor #film #discardedthings

"'Discarded Things', will be released on April 26th! I can't say too much but, what can I say without getting into trouble is; It's about a woman who runs into some 'things’. Something happens to her husband and she must refind herself. This is a production for today's time as it will provide inspiration to a lot of people. I am working with an amazing cast including Karen Abercrombie, Madison Bailey, Silvia Dionicio, and Cameron Arnett.”

Jonavan Adams is originally from Mt.Holly, North Carolina yet gained his professional acting experience while living and working in Charlotte, North Carolina. Growing up, he had several hobbies and played many sports, including basketball. He was fortunate enough to briefly walk on to the team at Appalachian State University, in Boone, NC. When he blew out his knee during his junior year, any attempt at a basketball career was over and Adams was beyond crushed!

"I blew my knee out in my junior year, it was tough. You play your whole life, working toward college level, everything is focused around that. It was really tough to change my life, that was all I knew. When I was forced to do something else, I was lost. You have got to find another outlet to pour your energy and focus into. That's what acting was to me. I knew it would challenge me and allow me to use my competitive juices. Once I opened myself up to see it this way, it all clicked for me. You don't have to change yourself or your way of thinking to be you.”

Jonavan was forced to make a change. He devoted his energy into his studies earning a major in Mass Communications, as well as achieving his minor in Criminal Justice and Theatre. Looking for any "easy” classes to pass as a freshman, he took a theatre class but mainly went to class on test day, resulting in grades just good enough to pass the course. A couple of years later, Adams enrolled into a theatre class to replace the grade he received the first time, but this time, it was a "real theatre class”. Jonavan loved it, explaining; "I had a ball with it. I had done a few church plays here and there and was always a class clown but never a thought of acting. The teacher at the time was like, You know what Jay, you could really have a future in this, you should really look into it. Then...the bug bit me”.

Instead of breaking out of school on time with stacked credits, Jonavan extended college by two years just to complete the remaining class to obtain an additional Bachelor’s degree, this one being in Theatre Performance. His parents didn't know how to support their son's new hobby, but when they saw his passion for theatre, they stood proudly behind their son 110%! Adams graduated in 2005 and made his way back to Charlotte, NC ready to hit the ground running. He quickly connected with JTA Agency, who helped him to make his debut in commercial land. NTB, MTB, Ham’s, Advance America, FaceBook, Food Lion, and ESPN are just a few of the commercials he’s been featured in, as well as 35+ professional theatre productions that Jonavan has been a part of.

Jonavans possibilities were endless. Doors kept opening and roads continued to pave his path. He described his first film, One Summer Night, as "surreal,” explaining; "I can still feel it. You have these dreams and when it happens, it feels like it’s your dream, it's life changing. You are walking your destiny and your dreams. This is the manifestation of your dreams. It's important to fulfill your passion. You grind and you keep going. I have a masters in HR mgmt as well. Roads just kept growing for both. You do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do. I feel very blessed to be able to pursue my passion. Humans are passionate and creative by nature".

Adams has professionally been in the industry for 16 years adding One Tree Hill, Smallville, and One Summer Night, to his portfolio. He is currently a part of several productions including his most recent, "Fences”. Expect to see another new project (a web series) entitled, "Core” coming soon. As a proud father of 2, an Actor, and a full-time Business Development Manager, Jonavan is a busy dude! He continues to perform in amazing productions such as, On The Run, Exits, and Discarded Things, while currently working on Dearly Departed, and the theatre performance of, Ma Rainey's Black Bottom. Told you he’s busy!

Soon, you will be able to catch Jonavan starring in "There When Needed Most,” written by Dempsey Gibson. "I am very excited about this. Knowing Dempsey, the relationship he had with his mother, and the journey of how she left us, is similar to something I went through with my mother.” Jonovan continued; "In January, my mom had a heart attack and in April, a stroke. She was in the hospital completely alone in the midst of the covid shutdowns. There were so many complications including blood transfusions and feeding tubes. She would rip out the feeding tubes and have internal bleeding. I couldn't talk to her so it was a matter of calling the nurses and them being in the mood to allow us to talk to her. It was really really tough. She pushed through and made it though, she's a trooper; She's a survivor. Her speech and hearing were severely affected initially but mentally, she is excellent and I am thankful. It's going to be very inspirational. I am honored that Dempsey trusts me with such a jewel of a project. We are both mommas boys and there is no shame in that whatsoever”.

Jonavan may have begun his dreams in basketball and other interests throughout his life yet, acting is where his passion ultimately resides. With a plate full of opportunities, there is no stopping Jonavan Adams! Following this rising star is ideal in order to keep up with all of his amazing accomplishments including new releases. Make sure to catch, "Discarded Things,” releasing on April 26th!!! Until Next Time… Stay Golden Team!

For The Fans: "Thank you to my fans! Stay tuned, there is more coming to you and I appreciate you strapping in and enjoying the ride so far. If anything I do inspires you to live your dream, be creative, and to share positivity, please do so. All I ask is that you please pay it forward.”

Jo’vice: "Go for it fearlessly and don't listen to anyone else. Listen to your heart, passion, and dreams. At the end of the day they are yours, no one can make your dreams or passion come true but you. When you're laying in bed having those thoughts, they are valid. Those are your dreams and you owe it to yourself to go after them. There is no guarantee that you'll make it to a certain level of success but as long as you try, you're giving value to yourself. A lot of people think that dreams are so unattainable that they don't even try, but there is no harm in trying, just try. Believe in yourself because it starts with you. Believe in yourself to give yourself a shot. Without the effort, it remains a dream. We as humans overthink things so much but it literally just takes one step.”

Adams on Inspirations: "My dream actor to work with would definitely be Denzel Washington! Denzel is the main one that made me jump into it.”

Fun Facts with Jonavan:

  1. "My favorite food is wings. I really love wings. I'm all in it [finger licking good]. I'm a big griller and smoker but I could eat wings every day of the week.”

  2. What's in your solo cup? "Sweet tea...boring i know.”

  3. Do you play any sports? "I still play basketball but not like I used to, especially with the young ones. I will kick a soccer ball around but that's it. I wish I could get back out there. I am super busy too, the schedule is full.”

  4. "I am a business development mgr as well as an actor, I dig both! The skill sets compliment each other.”

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Photography By: Angel Dorsett

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