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It's almost "Friday," so get your swimsuit on, pack a bag, or do whatever you must to celebrate yourself this "Friday”. Riton & Nightcrawlers have released, "Friday,” featuring Mufasa & Hypeman via Ministry of Sound Recordings/RCA Records.

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We work too hard not to sit back and enjoy some dope tunes. No need to put your airpods in for this one! Let this song speak for itself while enjoying the weekend that YOU deserve! Mufasa and Hypeman have become internet sensations after their viral take of MK’s remix of, "Push The Feeling On”. They have continued to wow the world, yet again with the release of "Friday”. Their energy is contagious and their smiles are miles wide. Make sure you get in on this action and celebrate the day we all wait for, "Friday”! *Re-edit by the infamous, Dopamine*

Until Next Time...Stay Golden Team! It's Almost "Friday"!

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#Friday #ItsFridayThen #FridayOfficialVideo

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