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Foo Fighters Releases New Horror Film, "Studio 666”

If you are looking for a film with both horror and rock music, look no further than the Foo Fighters latest film, Studio 666. The film, which was released on Feb. 26, focuses on the band as they record their 10th album in a mansion when supernatural forces intervene.

The horror-comedy was directed by Bj McDonnel and of course, it stars the Foo Fighters, as well as Whitney Cummings, Will Forte and Jeff Garlin. The film has been in production since 2019, but was paused because of the pandemic.

Dave Grohl, the frontman of Foo Fighters, explained in an interview with the New York Times, that three years ago a friend of his met with a film studio where Foo Fighters name came up.

"They said, 'We’ve always wanted to make a horror film with Foo Fighters.’ He texts me, and I said, 'That’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard,’ and thought nothing of it.” Grohl said according to the New York Times.

It wasn’t until the band was recording their last record, Medicine At Midnight, where they moved into the mansion that the film took place.

"So I started thinking, we could make a horror film in this creepy old house,” said Grohl. "I came up with this concept, presented it to the band, and they just laughed. It snowballed from there. We never imagined we were going to make a feature.”

In just the last year, Grohl has been a part of so many projects. He released two albums and a couple of singles with the Foo Fighters, directed both a documentary film and a series, released his memoir, and now this film, which he also wrote the music for.

"I just appreciate all the opportunity I have,” said Grohl. "I appreciate the people that help facilitate these ridiculous ideas, and I surround myself with people that have the same energy. And I hate vacations. I’m just restless. I feel this strange sense of guilt when I do nothing. I’m like a shark. If I stop swimming, I’ll die.”

Grohl shared that he’s making the lost album by the band from Studio 666, Dream Widow, which he described, "like the 'Blair Witch’ tapes”. He said he grew up listening to metal, so he’s taking a lot of influences from his favorite bands for the record.

When asked if there’s anything else coming, Grohl replied, "Yeah… you’ll see”.

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