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Day 2: Billie Eilish is my best friend

Day two started out more cool than the previous two. A quick shuttle to the local Stater Bros. to stock up on some more tequila and white claws, because you know no one has any self-control in the desert and who needs water when you have booze in the cooler? Right? What shocked me the most is that the party didn't stay at the polo fields. The minute we got off of the shuttle at the grocery store, the entire parking lot had been turned into a miniature vendor festival with free Pedialyte and samples of craft beers and drink mixers.. Just what our bodies needed to get us moving for the day.

Once we had soaked our livers in the drinks of the day and all festival-goers had partaken in their smoke of choice, it was time to hit the festival grounds for round two of the weekend (in between the occasional picture and potty break of course).

Our first stop of the evening was Meg the Stallion. Between performing hits and twerking on stage, the entire crowd just couldn't get enough. Stallion pulled the biggest shock of the night by bringing out Tyga, as her special guest. The crown went into overdrive and everyone entered a trance. As far as personal opinion, this was the most underwhelming performance of my weekend and I still rate Meg's performance as a 10/10, that should give you some idea of my thoughts on the entire weekend.

Closing out the night, we all gathered once again to the main stage to watch Billie Eilish bring some serious HEAT to the desert, if that's even possible. Even though she was performing for tens of thousands of people, Billie made it seem as if she was our best friend and performing just for us. She had small talk with everyone in between sets and even managed to trip over a light and laugh with us all while on stage.

Billie then had an abrupt interruption to the set when she brought out Hayley Williams from Paramore, for an intimate performance of Hayley’s biggest hit, “Misery Business”. To make this even more special, Billie was able to sing along with her… To say my younger self had a mini stroke would be an appropriate representation to the way I felt.

Between the melodramatic and low vibrations served by Ms Eilish, her performance had the most extreme reaction to the emotional vibrations of the audience… This is one moment in time that I can only hope to relive. The walk back to the campsite was cold and windy. It was 1AM but the entire festival was in a completely different dimension of silence following her performance.

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