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Day 1: One Hundred Thousand Reasons why Harry Styles was the guy to see

After a rainy and cold sleep at the campsite, we were awakened at 7:30 AM to the desert heat once more penetrating our dehydrated skin; It was time for the festival to officially begin. Day one consisted of mid day art sightings and a quick trip to the DoLab. DoLab is an edm stage where the ceiling of the venue is a large mist machine to keep everyone cool.

Our first live performance of the weekend was Grupo Firme. Grupo Firme is a Regional Mexican band based in Tijuana, Baja California. They started out as a Norteño band, but they have also recorded in the banda genre. Although a lot of the festival goers did not know the words or speak any Spanish, the entire crowd was lit up with the energy of live music. I rate this a 10/10 based solely on the energy of the crowd. I urge you to attend a Banda concert; You really need to experience the energy first hand.

Moving Deeper into the evening after we had to stop for our dinner (an overpriced $17 slice of pizza) and take some Coachella outfit pics, we stopped to watch Big Sean perform. Personally, the 2012 nostalgia from the Big Sean “A$$” era was extremely energizing and had the most unexplainable feeling of a “music high” that I hope everyone of you has the chance to experience at least once.

Closing out the night, Harry Styles took to the main coachella stage as the weekend's first headlining performance. 100,000 of the festival goers crowded on this area of the polo fields to take in the vibes that Harry was laying down. Between his mix of “Watermelon Sugar” and features from his new album, his performance had the best calming energy that really hit a home run to end day one. If you weren't a Harry Styles fan on Friday morning, by Friday night you couldn't get enough.

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