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Dakota Poorman Is A,"Hippie @ Heart”!

I’m just a hippie at heart. I sing about what I know and feel..about real stories; Not about a dog dying or truck breaking down; I love a song with a good story. ‘Hippie @ Heart,’ just kind of wrote itself. It’s basically about me and my upbringing. It’s a modern, honky tonk party song that introduces Pink Floyd, Willie Nelson, and Bocephus! With just the mere mention, you can imagine the vibe! ~ Dakota Poorman

Malcolm Springer (who has worked alongside Matchbox 20, Collective Soul, and Eric Clapton) produced the track (written by Dakota). Listening to Dakota’s music, you can definitely feel his life, his experiences, his love, and his pain throughout each and every word. Dakota is one of the most talented yet humble artists that I have met. His sound is unique and his inspiration is undeniable.‘Hippie @ Heart,’ is now available on all streaming platforms!

Dakota is a 29 year old, Washington native who was born with music running through his talented veins. He picked up the guitar for the first time at the age seven. He laid it down for a short period to play sports, but he was right back at it by the age of 14. Poorman soon became the kid in school that carried the CD player around in his pocket while jamming out to Brooks and Dunn, during class.

"I couldn't seem to focus in class. My teacher recommended that I listen to music while I worked; That was a game changer! I was quiet and got my class work done! I was always bullied in school for being an outcast, the fact that I began carrying my guitar around with me, as well as taking floral design, didn’t help. By the time I was 16, I was in my first band. By the age of 20, I really dove into traditional country music and by the age of 21, I had discovered my own sound.”

"I was asked to play the Freedom Rally, and almost turned it down. I was offered 4 shows and on the 4th show, I was asked what it would take for me to get to the next level. My answer was simple, ‘money’ [lol]! I accepted the offer and joined a band! I made USO Male Indie artist of the year 2020, Billy Milano said I was "cool,” and Mark Childers said he loved my music [he played bass for one of my tracks; These were the biggest compliment ever. The kids that made fun of me are now asking me for tickets to my shows!”

"I lost my brother a year ago to Covid. He was my cheerleader and a huge supporter of my music. His loss didn't hit me at first; I hadn’t let it out. I was on the way home one night and Cody Johnson, 'Til’ You Can’t,’ came on the radio; I lost it [you can see the emotion in Dakota's face, it broke my heart]; I had to pull over. This whole experience [music and brothers passing] has just been a rollercoaster of emotions. I keep pushing through; I have definitely used my music to cope. Music is a savior to me.”

Dakota’s recent debut single titled "American Made,” topped out at #68 on MusicRow Country Breakout Chart! Poorman explained; "Over the course of the last two-to-three years, the world has been so divided. I wrote this song to provide unity. It's okay to have your own opinion. Look at the Superbowl, we were all united during the halftime show. Music brings us all together and makes us happy".

His current single "Hippie At Heart” was just released and on country radio now. Dakota is busy planning the release of his third single, and the title track from his EP, called "Black Sheep.” Dakota extends a very simple promise to all of you; "I’ll be touring for 25 to 30 days in June. Come to one of my shows and you will be welcomed immediately. I want to see ALL of my friends”! I’m telling you guys..Dakota is pretty dope! Subscribe to his platforms to keep up with the latest and greatest from Dakota Poorman! Until Next Time…Stay Golden Team!

Never give up! If I did, I wouldn't be here today. Follow your heart, practice daily, play all the small gigs, charities, and small events that you can. Practice does not make perfect; only perfect practice makes perfect. There are and will be dark spots in music but it also brings so much light.~ Dakota

Connect with this, "Hippie @ Heart”! Available on ALL Streaming Platforms!

Making It Easy For Ya:) To Listen!

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