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The Corona Virus Is Here!

Scary stuff going on in the world. With no vaccination on the horizon, sanitation is your best bet!

Many parks,Museums,Bars, Clubs and restaurants have closed their doors to prevent the spread of this deadly demon.

Cancelled and postponed events are happening at a rapid rate! Now is the time to steer away from foreign and domestic travel as much as possible and wash your hands!!! I am amazed by the amount of people who don’t wash their hands after using the restroom! Yup, go eat with those hands or better yet, go feed your kids. Gross!!!

Sneezing, Coughing and a runny nose, Cover it up buttercup ! This doesn't mean just turning your head away, sneezes travel up to 6 feet away from you! This is a time to really make sure you're not touching your face, you are washing your hands and making sure you stay healthy!

If you are out of work or have lost hours due to this, there is relief! You can file unemployment with your local agency. Unemployment will have to be filed online or via fax. This is for everyone who has lost hours and wages! Now, the government says they would like to help all of us by cutting a check. That would be nice...not holding my breath.This too shall pass, not any easy road to travel yet with safety and sanitation...we’ll be ok! Stay home and relax, spend time with your loved ones and CALL YO MOMMA! We are here for each other, our Family is our Ohana!

I want to wish each and every member of you a healthy journey.

The Chinese Grand Prix - Postponed date TBD

St Patrick's Day Parade ~ (Even in Dublin) Most have been cancelled, check with your local town for confirmation.

Pearl Jams Seattle Tour- Cancelled

South By Southwest Festival - Austin, Tx- Cancelled

Tucson Festival of Books- Cancelled

SoCal’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival - Cancelled

Emerald City Comic Con - Seattle, Cancelled

Tomorrowland Music Festival - Alpe d’Huez Grand Domaine Ski. Cancelled

Ciara - Texas Tour Cancelled

Mariah Carey - Hawaii Tour Cancelled

Green Day - Asia Tour Cancelled

Avril Lavigne - Cancelled tours in China, Japan, Philippines and Taiwan

Ultra Music Festival in Miami - Cancelled

Numerous Churches, Schools, Institutes and Colleges WORLDWIDE - have closed their doors - check your local listings! Many schools will begin virtual classes online.

Several Conferences WORLDWIDE - have been cancelled - Again, check your local listings.

Many Marathons and Sporting Events - have been cancelled as well. Make sure you check your local listings (getting tired of that yet?). However, the Boston Marathon HAS NOT been cancelled quite yet.

Travel - Many airlines have restrictions during this time. This is a time to stay at home and as healthy as possible. Take this time to spend it with those you love.

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