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Coachella First Hand Experience: Part 1

Day 0: The Initiation To the Desert

3:30AM: Early on Thursday morning, my alarm clock filled my head with the dreaded noise that life was about to start, but this day it was different, we were heading to the desert for the initial day of the 4 day long music festival… Coachella. After a nice early morning drive and a 2 hour line of cars, we finally made it to our campsite on the empire polo fields but so did 50,000 other campers.The desert heat was there to welcome us with a beautifully scorching 100 degree day .

Day zero on the campgrounds is the undeclared party kick off of the weekend. While setting up camp, it’s necessary to get to know your neighbors and start the party correctly. But to be completely honest, we couldn't do much other than soak ourselves with water and hide in the shade while the eager festival goers are eagerly hydrating with 100 proof water.

The festival commenced on the small hill right at dusk where the entire campground stopped to watch the sunset and get the night started correctly. We basically had our kumbaya and prepared for what was to come.

After the sun had officially set, it was time to explore the festivities offered at the campground. Lays had a potato chip tasting with exclusive flavors, artists had art displayed on sneakers and trash cans but, everyone was drawn to the music events where the "dome” had a dance party that led well into the early hours of Friday. Needless to say everyone danced their asses off and burnt any energy we had remaining by the end of day.

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